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An At-Home Minimally-Invasive Gum Disease Treatment that Works!

Gum disease affects over half of all Americans and can lead to:

• Painful inflammation of gum tissue
• Dangerous infections
• Loss of otherwise healthy tooth structure
• Damage to the underlying bone and soft tissue in your mouth
• Diabetes, Hypertension and Impotence, just to name a few

Many people avoid old-fashioned gum disease treatments that involve scraping away diseased gum tissue. This is understandable considering that these traditional periodontal procedures require several painful visits over a period of weeks or months.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a non-invasive treatment that stops gum disease in its tracks and even whitens your teeth at the same time?

With Perio Protect, all of this is possible!


How Perio Protect Works



Regular cleanings and thorough brushing and flossing at home aren’t always enough to prevent and treat gum disease. The Perio Protect system offers a safe and effective way to fight gum disease.

The best part? Perio Protect is completely comfortable, non-invasive, and pain-free!


Custom Perio Protect Trays + Peroxide Gel = Healthy Gums, Fresher Breath & Whiter Teeth!


Custom Made Perio Protect Trays

• Custom made to fit your mouth
• Long lasting
• Comfortable
• Easy to use


Healing Peroxide Gel

• Low concentration of hydrogen peroxide
• Safe & natural!
• Targets bacteria beneath the gum line
• Actually whitens & brightens teeth!


At Blodgett Dental Care, when you come in for your first appointment, we can fit you for a set of custom-made Perio Protect trays. These are specifically designed to fit your mouth and your individual periodontal needs. You’ll take these trays home with you — they’re easy to use and can last for years.

We’ll also provide you with a low concentration hydrogen peroxide gel. You’ll fill your trays with this gel and wear them as directed by Dr. Blodgett. The snug-fitting Perio Protect trays will gently push the gel below your gum lines, where gum disease-causing bacteria hide.

Don’t worry, Perio Protect trays aren’t big and bulky. They’re so comfortable and easy to wear, some people use them while exercising! And you only need to wear them for 15 minutes per application!

Thanks to Perio Protect, you don’t have to rely on painful surgeries to treat your gum disease!


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Perio Protect Whitens Teeth, Too!


perio-protect-teeth-whitenThe hydrogen peroxide gel used in the Perio Tray doesn’t just kill bacteria, it’s also a healthy, low-concentration tooth whitener.

In fact, it’s very similar to many at-home teeth whitening products!

Can you believe it? There’s a non-invasive way to reverse gum disease that actually makes your smile brighter?


See what Dr. Blodgett & real patients have to say about Perio Protect:



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Our Approach to Holistic & Minimally Invasive Dentistry


Dr. Blodgett is a firm believer in minimally-invasive, holistic dentistry. His practice, Blodgett Dental Care in Portland, Oregon, isn’t like other dental practices. We focus on maximizing your whole body health and well-being, not just treating dental health issues like many traditional dental practices.

Blodgett Dental Care is Portland’s first “minimally-invasive” dental practice. We strongly believe that a higher quality of life and improved overall health for our patients can be the result of improved oral health.

That’s why we use the latest technologies and treatment options, like Perio Protect.


Do you want to reverse gum disease, whiten your teeth and enjoy a healthier and more comfortable mouth?


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