6 Month Smiles

Dr. Kelly Blodgett is a dentist who works with six month braces and other forms of orthodontics in Portland, OR. Six month braces are a fast-acting and short-term form of orthodontics. Patients can get the straight and attractive smiles they are looking for in just a short six month period. Traditional orthodontics can take four to six times longer to achieve these results. Six month braces are an ideal solution for adults who would like to correct the appearance of their teeth without wearing traditional orthodontics for a two to three year period.

The main difference between traditional orthodontics and six month braces is that6month six month braces do not attempt to correct the patient’s bite, only the appearance of the front teeth. The goal is only to provide a more attractive appearance and not to correct any underlying issues. This is accomplished by using a combination of brackets and wires that work similar to those of traditional orthodontics. However, these wires are thinner and less noticeable.

It is important to note that six month braces do not move teeth any faster than traditional orthodontics. The only difference is that six month braces do not treat the entire mouth. The main focus here is on only the visible teeth. When working with six month braces, you are not perfecting your bite, only the appearance of your smile. Once the visible teeth have been correctly positioned, the treatment is over.

Six month braces is an easy choice to make when you are faced with up to three years of traditional braces. This is the perfect option for patients who are uncomfortable with their smiles. If you have crooked teeth or gaps and spaces that show, six month braces may be the perfect solution. For more information about orthodontics in Portland, contact Dr. Kelly Blodgett to schedule a consultation today.

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