General Dentistry Portland OR

General Dentistry Portland OR check upAs Portland’s best dental practice for minimally-invasive dentistry, we work to provide the utmost degrees of comfort and safety. Our warm and caring environment creates a place where your questions and goals are valued and encouraged. We offer general dental care treatments and services that enable us to help you and your family address current issues, prevent future complications, and identify the early onset of conditions that may worsen over time should they be left untreated.

From routine oral exams and cleanings to fillings, oral cancer screenings, dental implants or leading edge laser dentistry solutions, our practice offers a comprehensive array of minimally-invasive treatment options to meet your needs.


General Dentistry Portland OR· Oral Exams

· 2D & 3D X-Rays

· Oral Cancer Screening

· Family Dental Care

· Dental Cleanings

· Fluoride Treatments

· Decay Reduction Program

· Sealants

· Fillings

· Infection Control

· Endodontics (Root Canal Therapy)

· Dental Emergencies

· Dental Implants

· Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy (formerly known as “Scaling and Root Planing”)

· Periodontal Care

· Alternatives to Traditional Periodontal Surgery

· TMJ Disorders


Interested in any of the services above? Dr. Blodgett can help!


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