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portland-dentist-Dr-Kelly-BlodgettI’m not like other dentists and my practice, Blodgett Dental Care in Portland, Oregon, isn’t like other dental practices, either. Our focus is on optimizing your overall whole body health and well-being, not just treating your dental health like most traditional dental practices.

That’s something I’m very excited about!  It’s a unique approach to dentistry and health that many doctors and dentists overlook. I won’t just treat your symptoms, prescribing pain medication for a toothache, for example, or just filling a cavity without first asking how it happened. Instead, I’ll look at you as a whole person who has the innate potential to be healthy.  Together, we will work to determine and eliminate the cause of your health issues so that your “healthiest you” can flourish.

I’m committed to your health, your happiness, and your well-being.

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When you visit my dental practice, you can expect one thing: great service. Happiness and stress levels are directly connected to your health.  Everyone on my team, from our front office specialists to our hygienists, works to make sure you’re comfortable and well-cared for.

To put it simply, we do so much more than clean teeth.  At Blodgett Dental Care, we’ve been building relationships for over 15 years.

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General, Cosmetic & Periodontal Dental Services

At Blodgett Dental Care, we’re proud to offer the widest variety of holistic general, cosmetic and periodontal services of any Portland dentist. I’m constantly researching the latest advancements in minimally-invasive, pain-free dentistry and offer my patients the best treatment options available.

General Dentistry

  • Preventative – Dr. Blodgett offers one-of-a-kind holistic dental experiences that focus on whole-body health, not just your teeth. After reviewing your full health history, you’ll be evaluated for gum disease and your bite will be checked. We’ll also look at your antioxidant levels (a key to whole body health), assess the biofilm in your mouth and take digital 3D x-rays to evaluate the health of your teeth and bone in 3D!  We’ll also provide a VelScope screening for oral cancer.
  • Restorative –  Our holistic approach to dental health extends to our restorative dental services. We offer healthy, natural, mercury-free and BPA-free fillings that require minimal anesthetic. We use the latest standard in crowns, made from biocompatible ceramics. Our 3D CEREC technology allows for single-visit crowns, veneers and other restorations that are truly natural looking replacements of your original teeth.
  • Sleep Apnea Improve the quality of your sleep and your life with non-surgical sleep apnea cures like the DNA appliance. You don’t have to live with cumbersome CPAP machines or painful mouthpieces.  Seek a solution that will actually cure the reason that you have sleep issues in the first place!

Cosmetic Dentistry

  • No-Prep Veneers – You deserve a smile you love!  Dr. Blodgett’s No-Prep veneers provide a beautiful smile without damaging your existing teeth.  We’re Portland’s #1 choice for minimally-invasive smile makeovers for a reason.
  • Teeth WhiteningA brighter, more dazzling smile doesn’t have to be painful or take months of treatment to achieve. At Blodgett Dental Care we offer a variety of teeth whitening options. Ask which is right for you!
  • Holistic Orthodontics – Traditional braces and orthodontics are painful, may require years of follow-up and adjustments, and cause a variety of unwanted side effects. Dr. Blodgett’s holistic orthodontic appliances can help correct your bite and straighten your teeth in a healthy, natural way.

Periodontal Services

  • Dental Implants A secure, long-lasting alternative to dentures and bridges, our dental implants are a great way to turn “false teeth” into “real teeth”!  We use 3D x-rays and computer technology to plan and place dental implants that are just like real teeth.
  • LANAP & LAPIP – LANAP and LAPIP are laser gum disease treatments designed to specifically target infected gum tissue and stimulate regeneration of the bone needed to support your teeth and/or implants. These amazing techniques create less pain, less bleeding, and shorter healing times than traditional gum disease treatments.
  • Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation – This incredible treatment treats, cures, and even reverses gum recession without any cuts or stitches. You’ll see amazing, immediate results without the drawbacks and side effects of traditional treatments.
  • Perio Protect – Treat your gum disease at home using custom-made trays and a hydrogen peroxide gel. This gentle gum disease treatment is one of the best ways to protect yourself against the dangers of gum disease.

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If you’re looking for a new dentist in the Portland area, get in touch with me. I’d love the opportunity to help you understand how a holistic approach to dentistry can benefit you.

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