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At Blodgett Dental Care our dental exams and treatments are built on our belief in a synergistic approach to holistic dental care.

Every system in our body is connected. We recognize and value how oral health affects your whole body and vice versa. Respect for your whole wellness allows us to provide the best long-term solutions that are consistent with the level of health you want to achieve.

What to Expect From Your First Visit

welcoming friendly dentistDo you want to start LOVING your visits to see your dentist? Well, you’ve found the right dental practice! Welcome to an entirely fresh approach to caring for your oral health.

At Blodgett Dental Care, our goal as a Portland holistic dental practice is to re-define the stereotype of dentistry. Working with your dentist should be a pleasure to experience. Our holistic approach to your oral health respects your goals, needs, and sensitivities.

We’re more concerned with creating and supporting healthy systems than we are with simply treating your symptoms. In order to achieve this level of thoughtful diagnoses, we use our deep knowledge of systemic health as well as latest diagnostic technologies.

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When you first visit our Portland office, we’ll assess and discuss the following:

Your Goals

At Blodgett Dental Care, we focus on YOU! That is why we start our relationships with patients by gaining an understanding of what your goals are for your health.  Our job is to listen and offer solutions that help you meet your goals!  Some things you may consider before coming in:

  • What level of oral health do you feel that you currently have?  Do you want to improve it?  What would you be willing to change to gain that improvement?
  • On a scale of 1-10, what score would you give your smile? (10 being best)  Would you like to improve your score?
  • What experience do you wish you could have at the dentist?  Please let us know so that we can serve your specific preferences.

Also know that we offer a “judgement-free” environment.  We don’t hound people if they don’t floss.  We don’t care if it’s been 5, 10 or even 20 years since you have been to the dentist.

We are simply here to help.  

Your Medical and Health History

It should come as no surprise that you mouth is an integral part of your body. The same blood that flows throughout your body also travels through your mouth. If your mouth harbors infection, those disease-causing bacteria will travel to a multitude of locations where they can affect, and even cause, disease.

If your goal is to be at your optimal level of health, we need to understand your general health.  Your willingness to share your health history with us will help us to best understand how we can serve your needs. Then we can help you reach your pinnacle of health!

Holistic Dental Exams

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Want to know more about what’s included in our holistic dental exams? Keep reading!

Decay Risk Assessment

We’ll examine to see if you are at-risk for developing cavities. We do this by assessing:

  • The quality and frequency of your diet
  • The nature of the bacteria that live on your teeth
  • The prevalence of acid in your mouth– including GERD, chronic sipping on acidic or sugary drinks

If we do find any areas of concern, we’ll discuss how to reduce your risk of decay and provide solutions.

Gum Disease Evaluation

Nearly 50% of Americans have some form of gum disease! But there is good news: Most cases of gum disease can be reversed!

Our holistic dental exams include a gum disease evaluation designed by Dr. Blodgett where he will:

  • Determine your genetic risk of gum disease
  • Investigate the presence of infectious bacteria under your gums
  • Assess your body’s antioxidant levels
  • Use cutting-edge x-ray technology to examine bone and tooth structures

By identifying gum disease early, your treatments can be completely non-invasive. However, if left untreated, gum disease can cause damage leading to intense pain and tooth loss.

Understanding Your Bite Function

Did you know that a misaligned body can lead to a misaligned bite? If your bite is off even just by a little bit, it can result in:

  • Bone loss
  • Headaches
  • Tinnitus
  • Vertigo
  • Migraines
  • Stiff neck
  • Poor sleep quality
  • And many other physiological problems.

We work with other Portland holistic health professionals, including, physicians, chiropractors, massage therapists and naturopaths. Together, we can help you establish and maintain overall wellness.

Antioxidant Palm Scan

Antioxidants help prevent disease by:

  • Protecting oral tissues from gum disease
  • Contributing to good general overall health

If your antioxidant levels are too low, we can recommend supplements that are guaranteed to improve your levels and will help you prevent disease!

Digital X-rays

We use the latest technology to help us see what might otherwise go unchecked, including the tight spaces between teeth.  Modern, digital X-rays allow us to:

  • We utilize both 2D and 3D X-rays which allow us to see your oral and surrounding structures in the greatest detail possible
  • Develop the best understanding of the current health of your teeth and bone structure
  • Monitor changes in tooth and bone structure over time, helping us catch problems early!
  • Use a very safe amount of radiation.  We follow the “ALARA” principle (As Low As is Reasonably Achievable).


If you’re interested in how your oral health and entire body interact, then Blodgett Dental Care is just for you.

Our holistic approach to dentistry allows us to help you maintain and improve your overall wellbeing!

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Teeth Cleanings

smiling mirror healthy teeth filling

At Blodgett Dental Care, we offer 3 levels of teeth cleanings, tailored to meet your needs:

  • Basic Cleaning – Best for those who have no signs of gingivitis, tartar build-up below the gumline or complicating factors liked crowded or missing teeth.
  • Non-surgical Periodontal Therapy – If you’re experiencing signs of periodontal disease (gingivitis, bleeding gums, loose teeth, etc.), a more intensive (but minimally invasive) approach is needed.
  • Supportive Periodontal Therapy – Once gum disease has been treated, we want to help you maintain the level of health you have achieved! This type of cleaning is designed to maximize your periodontal health.

Oral Cancer Screening (VELscope)

Most people won’t develop oral cancer over their lifetime– but as is the case with most cancers, early diagnosis is key. In 2006, Dr. Kelly J. Blodgett became Portland’s first dentist to offer VELscope oral cancer screenings.

The VELscope:

  • Identifies abnormal tissue in your mouth that is not visible to the naked eye
  • Is safe, simple, and painless
  • Provides peace of mind by helping you be certain that  your oral tissues are healthy

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