Trios 3D Dental Imaging System

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Trios 3D Dental Imaging System

Faster, Easier, Better-Quality Dental Images

If you’ve ever had to sit through dental impressions, you probably remember the dentist pushing goopy trays against your teeth and counting the minutes while you try not to gag. That used to be the only way to make models of your teeth when creating dental restorations such as implants, crowns, and bridges as well as removable appliances like Invisalign.

Now there’s a better way.

The Trios 3D imaging system uses a high-tech 3D scanner-camera to create incredibly detailed computer-aided models of your teeth and gums. It’s painless, non-invasive, and quick. No goopy impressions required!


Advantages of Trios 3D Imaging


Not only is 3D imaging more comfortable for you, it also produces better dental results.


Traditional Impressions Trios 3D Imaging
Fast? It can take several minutes and multiple tries to get decent impressions.

Then you have to typically wait 2-3 weeks for your restorations to be ready.

Scanning your entire mouth can take as little as 90 seconds. We can email your 3D images to the lab so you can get your crown as fast as 24 hours.

(If you’re in a big rush, we can even get it in just a few hours!)

 Accurate? Traditional impressions are not 100% accurate, which can affect the quality of your dental restorations. 3D imaging is much more accurate than traditional impressions, which results in better, stronger dental restorations.
 Comfortable? Traditional impressions can make you choke or gag while you’re waiting for the goop to harden. 3D imaging eliminates the need for traditional impressions. No more gagging, choking, or feeling claustrophobic.
 Easy to see? Impressions don’t look like much until they’re sent to the lab and turned into models of your teeth. In seconds, we can show you 3D pictures of your teeth and gums in color, so you can fully understand the treatment options Dr. Blodgett recommends.


Why use painful, outdated dental techniques when we have new, pain-free technologies that produce better results?

Portland Dentist Testimonial GordonI’ve been a patient with Blodgett Dental Care for 8 years now. They have given me the best dental care that I’ve ever experienced. They’re up to date with the latest information and technology in dentistry. If you want the best, go with Blodgett.

– Gordon Z.


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What Can Trios 3D Dental Imaging Be Used For?


The Trios 3D imaging system is incredibly versatile. At Blodgett Dental, we use it for:

• Crowns
• Implant restorations
• Bridges
• Invisalign
• Perio Protect trays
• And much more…


See How it Works


Watch the video below to see how the Trios 3D digital imaging system works:



Our Approach to Holistic & Minimally Invasive Dentistry


Dr. Blodgett isn’t like other dentists. He doesn’t just treat dental symptoms; he takes your whole body health into consideration.

Blodgett Dental Care is the first truly “minimally-invasive” dental practice in Portland, Oregon. We incorporate the latest advancements in dental technology to help us provide higher quality care with less pain and discomfort for our patients. That’s why we use the latest technologies and treatment options, like the Trios 3D Dental Imaging System.


Are you ready to get a brighter, healthier smile with 3D dental imaging?


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