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Blodgett Dental Care
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 34 reviews
by Kim on Blodgett Dental Care
Best Dentist Ever

Having an immune system that is super wonky, my friend suggested Dr. Kelly Blodgett. I was not disappointed. His entire team was thoughtful and approached my care as an individual with the attention that every care provider should. Thanks to everyone who made my experience exceptional.

by Ayumi Takahashi on Blodgett Dental Care
So nice and funny and efficient!

Dr Blodgett was so nice and funny and efficient! He has done a perfect job replacing one of my tooth with a perfect clown in such a short amount of time. It looks so perfect and I can't even tell. He is definitely by far my favorite dentist! And every staff in that office was super nice! Really satisfied.

by M Wright on Blodgett Dental Care
Hands down BEST dental experience I've ever had!

Hands down BEST dental experience I've ever had! I came here to get a second opinion on a tooth that I was told needed a root canal and I am so glad I did. He is super informative and did not make me feel rushed when I had a bunch of questions. If you need a second opinion or are just looking for a dentist this is the place to go. It's definitely worth the drive if you aren't in Portland but in the surrounding area. Thanks for giving my tooth a shot at being saved!

by Ian Miller on Blodgett Dental Care
Despite drilling etc, felt no pain

I had a necessary tricky procedure that needed doing with a front tooth extraction, an implant and a crown and the service at Blodgett Dental was outstanding. They got me in pronto, and Dr. Kelly patiently explained every step in the procedure and kept my spirits up throughout. What I was surprised by was how little discomfort there was and despite drilling etc felt no pain. It helped that there was TV to watch and headphones to wear so I could be fully distracted from what was going on. A well deserved 5 stars.......

by Karri Boyd on Blodgett Dental Care
Got me in next day!

I recently broke a tooth and needed it fixed- they got me in the next day and had me done in under an hour! Awesome as always, love them!

by Gordon Zimmerman on Blodgett Dental Care
Best dental care that I've ever experienced

I've been a patient with Blodgett Dental Care for 8 years now. They have given me the best dental care that I've ever experienced. They're up to date with the latest information and technology in dentistry. If you want the best, go with Blodgett.

by Lilia Davis on Blodgett Dental Care
Thank you Dr Blodgett for adding Ms. Mara to your Dental Family.

One would think, spending two hours, first thing in the morning in a Dentist chair would make for a, "NOT SO GOOD, VERY BAD DAY," But in truth, If you had too, made sure you have a very good Hygienist like I had, Thank you Ms. Mara, you have the touch, and Thank you Doctor Blodgett for adding Ms. Mara to your Dental Family.

by Kelly Johnson on Blodgett Dental Care
The environment is really nice, clean and comforting

Typical story here, don't like needles, never liked going to the dentist. Remember sitting in an over-crowded office with tons of Highlights magazines, out of date car magazines and maybe a fish tank? Then, a door swings open and you hear your name.. That's not how it is at Blodgett. The environment is really nice, clean and comforting and everyone is tremendously helpful. Kelly himself is the first dentist to ever ask what I'd like to do/how I feel about my issues instead of just telling me what 'needs to be done.' Answered all my questions with actual explanations and not just 'what the book says'.

by Sara Larson on Blodgett Dental Care
Mind blown by the advances in dental care!

I had the privilege of getting my teeth cleaned today and left mind blown by the advances in dental care! Kelly's approach to oral health spoke directly to my overall health and I'm so grateful for his practice's intent to heal the whole body, not just my mouth! Still shocked and mind blown tonight by my experience! I highly recommend Blodgett Dental Care to anyone seeking a dentist - prepare to be amazed!

by Nancy Tarabochia-Hart on Blodgett Dental Care
Dr. Blodgett has helped me overcome my dental anxiety

Dr. Blodgett is an amazing dentist and cares immensely about his patients! Dr. Blodgett has helped me overcome my dental anxiety while improving my teeth/smile. Recently I had a dental emergency chipping one of my front teeth. I emailed Dr. Blodgett late on a Saturday evening and he replied right away setting me up with an appointment to fix my tooth. It had been 10 years since I had seen him due to moving out of the area but Dr. B didn't forget me as a prior patient. He made time to see me, fixed my tooth in less than an hour and followed it with educating me on my overall dental care/health. I am a challenging patient as I also have an autoimmune disease which is affecting my overall dental health. Dr. Blodgett is one of the only dentists I have met over the years who understands how my rare autoimmune disease plays a part in my dental health. He works with his patients to implement a long term plan to improve their overall health and his knowledge, skills and passion are evident. I highly recommend Dr. Blodgett to my associates, friends and family as I know they are in good hands.

by David Bikman on Blodgett Dental Care
I've recommended him to several friends

I couldn't be happier with my experiences with Dr. Blodgett. He is on the cutting edge of technology and has a warm and comforting "chair-side" manner. I've recommended him to several friends so far.

by Julie Taylor on Blodgett Dental Care
Maggie is so great!

Maggie did my cleaning both the first time I went to Blodgett, and then again yesterday. She is so great! She's friendly and informative and makes you feel comfortable. And she's funny too! Thanks, Maggie!

by Eric Alava on Blodgett Dental Care
Dr. Blodgett has always done excellent work


by David Salminen on Blodgett Dental Care
Thank you - for caring so much and for doing good work!

Thanks for taking care of my broken crown in a timely manner and with great conscientiousness. I suppose I could simply say thank you - for caring so much and for doing good work!

by Rachel G. on Blodgett Dental Care
Staff is friendly and compassionate

Staff is friendly and compassionate. Dr. Kelley Blodgett took time to explain things in a courteous and informative manner. New innovative technologies! I love the antioxidant palm scanner, so cool! Just in the first intake visit Dr. Kelley buffed away the stains on my two front teeth for a more "spicy" smile. I loved it! Thank you again, Rachel.

by Mirabai Peart on Blodgett Dental Care
Surprisingly pleasant time having my teeth cleaned

Blodgett and his team really care and are wonderful at what they do. I went to Blodgett because I needed a holistic dentist who understood that I didn't want to go with root canal therapy as ordered by another dentist. Blodgett is of course incredibly knowledgable and experienced and best of all is able to think outside the usual box. He and many of his team are excellent communicators. What has impressed me most so far is that in both my appointments there, he respected my concerns and took time to talk through things with me as intelligent equals, one-to-one. I also had the most surprisingly pleasant time having my teeth cleaned by Maggie. Highly recommend these guys and to top it off, their prices are reasonable.

by Steve Sharp on Blodgett Dental Care
The dentist can actually be a pleasant experience!

Every time I visit the folks at Blodgett Dental care, I'm reminded that going to the dentist can actually be a pleasant experience! I'm sometimes a bit tense at first, but Mara has such a soothing manner that I relax almost immediately. Her technique of numbing the areas she'll be working on is so good that I barely felt a thing. And she even put the TV on my favorite channel! I've had a lot of dentists in my life, but Blodgett Dental Care is by far my favorite. Two thumbs up!

by Tasia S on Blodgett Dental Care
Each of you makes it easier for me to go to an appointment

I've been a patient for over 15 years and it is always a pleasure to see Dr. B and the team. Dr. B is always ahead of the curve with new technology, which saved a tooth 13 years ago (he has a computer program that captures a 3-D image of your teeth and then creates the tooth/onlay/inlay, right there). That tooth is still going strong--it was a tricky fix because of the way the cavity formed and the location. Recently, Dr. B came to the rescue with his advanced training in a minimally-invasive gum grafting procedure that uses bovine grafts rather than cutting a chunk of your own tissue (Yuck!). I didn't require any down-time and pain management was a few OTC pills that night. I can't tell you how exciting it is to have the gums of a teenager again! Dr. B is funny, compassionate and thorough with his care. I don't enjoy having procedures done but I do enjoy my time at Dr. B's office. The T.V's in the ceiling are a wonderful distraction, especially when there's a Mae West film playing (don't worry, you can change the channel..). Thank you, Dr. Blodgett and EVERYONE at Blodgett Dental Care. Each of you makes it easier for me to go to an appointment I don't want to have. I really am grateful for that.

by Melissa McDonald on Blodgett Dental Care
Prioritize patient experience in the best way

On the dental hunt? Look no further. With my first cleaning at Blodgett Dental Care now 10 years ago, I am a long-term patient and fan. Combining holistic care with a leading, non-invasive approach to dentistry, Kelly and his team know teeth and prioritize patient experience in the best way. These guys are top notch, and have actually made it possible to look forward to going to the dentist. So grateful.

by Kris Jones on Blodgett Dental Care
Best in town!

Dr Blodgett is the best in town! He takes extra time to make sure his patience are cared for and happy. And his staff is incredibly friendly, too!

by Gwendolyn Pitkin on Blodgett Dental Care
Incredible dental work and caring, friendly service

I just went to Dr. Blodgett for a teeth whitening, and my teeth have never looked better. What a difference! I couldn’t be happier with my results. Not only is his work sublime, Dr. Blodgett and the entire staff do everything they can to put you at ease and make sure you’re comfortable from the moment you walk in the door. Overall: incredible dental work and caring, friendly service. Thanks so much!

by Angelica Thornton on Blodgett Dental Care
His holistic approach is refreshing

I've seen many dentists since a car accident knocked out my front tooth 30 years ago. I can say ... without hesitation .. that Dr. Blodgett is the best. He's an artist. He knew exactly what I needed and how to fix the issues I was having with my smile. In a world where many doctors are constantly trying to push product and procedures on you, his holistic approach is refreshing. It was minimally invasive and he made it clear that he would fix anything I wasn't 100% happy with. His staff is also great. My teeth and gums have never been happier. Going to the dentist doesn't have to be a drag!

by Jaimee Kirkpatrick on Blodgett Dental Care
Great dentist who cares about your overall health

Visited here yesterday with Dr. Blodgett. I was very impressed with how engaged he is with his patients and how much my health mattered to him. I will definitely be recommending my friends and family! Great dentist who cares about your overall health.

by Ute Luppertz on Blodgett Dental Care
Caring, professional and skillful

I had a great exeperience: caring, professional and skillful introduction to Dr. Blodgett's services.

by TNA Beachbody on Blodgett Dental Care
If I could give 10 stars, I would!

If I could give 10 stars, I would! My initial inquiry was responded to very quickly by Kelly, and assured me his front desk gal - Elizabeth would be in touch Monday. I received her email bright and early. They worked with my schedule, and went above and beyond my expectations. After going to 3 dentists for "2nd opinions" on a tooth that "needed a root canal", I decided to give Blodgett Dental a shot; I told myself this was the last place. (I was hoping for an alternative to a root canal for a very painful tooth). They were everything I was hoping for and more. Informative, quick, concise! They did an alternative procedure, healed my nerve and sealed my tooth...amazing! I practice is absolutely beautiful, with top of the line, latest technology. They made my billing experience a breeze, and made me feel so comfortable. I would recommend this dental practice to everyone I know, without hesitation.

by Samantha Pflug on Blodgett Dental Care
Dr. Blodgett was extremely patient, engaged and cared

As a first time patient of Dr. Blodgett I was extremely impressed by the inviting staff first and foremost. Both Elizabeth and Karen made me feel like I had been a patient for years. The dentist chair is not my favorite place to be, but Dr. Blodgett was extremely patient, engaged and cared not only about my dental health but my general health as well. I would absolutely recommend anyone and everyone to Dr. Blodgett's office! He is the best balance of personal and professional.

by Nicole Rolak on Blodgett Dental Care

BEST DENTIST EVER! Patience, talks you through the anxiety, gentle, and current in dental technology! I recommend Dr. Blodgett to anyone and everyone that will listen!

by Mir Gia on Blodgett Dental Care
Dr Blodgett cares about the whole person

Dr Blodgett cares about the whole person and really wants to figure out what is causing any problems. I wanted to find a more natural dentist, a process which took research and trying a few other dentists. I had just tried a new dentist before him who recommended a very expensive porcelain crown. I didn't feel good about it so went to see Dr. Blodgett. He did NOT recommend what the previous dentist had said and explained that it would have removed more of my tooth than is necessary. He explained everything to me in a way I could understand. I was ready to pay more and have a porcelain filling but he explained why in this instance a composite filling was in my best interest.

by Jack Band on Blodgett Dental Care
High tech and great customer service

Dr. Blodgett and his team are exceptional at what they do. Their combination of high tech and great customer service is a welcome change from past experiences. I highly recommend their practice!

by James Nielson on Blodgett Dental Care
Appreciated the communication from his office

I don't really like getting teeth pulled, but Dr Blodgett made that about as good an experience as one can hope for. His up-to-date equipment helped diagnose something that my previous dentist missed (which caused me some major problems). I also appreciated the communication from his office. Great so far.

by E Valencia on Blodgett Dental Care
He and his staff are friendly and explain things clearly

Dr. Blodgett is a very capable dentist who does great work. He has the latest technology and a very inviting office environment. He and his staff are friendly and explain things clearly. I can recommend him strongly.

by Gwen Hammond on Blodgett Dental Care

First of all I would like to say thank you for making me feel so comfortable the level of care that you provide is above and beyond. I am very greatful and pleased to have such a great dentist. I love my new smile and I'm glad that I put my trust in you. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Kelly Blodgett you are the best. I also want to thank your supporting staff all really friendly and helpful.

by Marie McLeod on Blodgett Dental Care
It really doesn't get any better

Dr. Blodgett and his team are wonderful! Simply put, he is gentle, funny, informative and VERY patient (I am incredibly squeamish and need breaks often). I'm sure I look like a "deer caught in headlights" while at the Dentist (having had negative experiences before) yet he and his assistant Karen have gone above and beyond each time I arrive to make me feel comfortable. He uses all of the latest/greatest tools which has made each procedure better than I thought possible. I have a fair amount of work that needs to be done, and due to health issues and limited energy he lets me move at a turtles pace in completing it all, without being pushy in any way. I thrive off of positive feedback, and just short of giving me a "gold star" at the end of my appointment, he makes sure I know that "I did great!" which just makes it even better. 🙂 If you have any anxiety at all about going to the dentist again, I would without any hesitation suggest Dr. Blodgett. He gives off a great sense of security and skill, combined with the soothing environment and staff, it really doesn't get any better.

by Greg Morse on Blodgett Dental Care
They felt very safe and comfortable

We are a family of 6 who switched to Dr Blodgett from a Bend, Or dentist. Several of my children have already seen the Dr. and they were all very happy with their new dentist! They got to watch TV in the ceiling and they felt very safe and comfortable. My 14 year old daughter cracked her front tooth in half, and Dr Blodgett saw her at 7 am the next morning and by 10 am she had a beautiful new front tooth. As a mother I like the friendly and very professional staff and not to mention the delicious coffee they make while I wait! Thank you to the Dr Blodgett and his staff from the Morse Family.