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The Best Way to Replace Missing Teeth

If you have one or more missing teeth, zirconia dental implants are the best way to restore your smile. For years, traditional titanium dental implants have been the “go-to” approach for implants. They are proven as successful tooth replacement options and can last for years. However, because they are metal, there is the potential for corrosion. In order to offer the best health options to our patients, we have switched to almost exclusively using zirconia dental implants.

The advantages of zirconia dental implants is that they are a ceramic, so there is no risk of corrosion, and they are white in color which offers obvious esthetic advantages in the mouth!

In order to offer the best results, we use an advanced 3D X-ray system and computer-fabrication system. This assists Dr. Blodgett in the accurate placement of the dental implants. This allows us to place strong, beautiful, natural implants that look and function just like your natural teeth. Once the implants have integrated with your bone, you can eat whatever you want with them and they can last a lifetime with proper care!

If you have dentures, zirconia implants can be a great way to keep them from moving around. Dental implants allow you to turn your “false teeth” into “real teeth”!

“I’ve been a patient with Blodgett Dental Care for 8 years now. They have given me the best dental care that I’ve ever experienced. They’re up to date with the latest information and technology in dentistry. If you want the best, go with Blodgett.”

Gordon Z.

Our High-Tech Approach To Dental Implants

Portland holistic dental implants

3-D Dental X-Rays

  • Uses minimal radiation
  • Comfortable (no biting on hard bits of plastic!)
  • Provides ultra-clear images in just seconds
holistic dental implants Portland OR


  • Uses advanced computer-aided design tech
  • No goopy gross impressions needed
  • Creates a custom implant guide in minutes

Dental Implants vs. Dentures

It is not uncommon for patients with dentures to switch to dental implants. Portland patients who choose implants report an improvement in their quality of life. This is because dental implants both look and function just like natural teeth.

Patients with dentures often report difficulty chewing food and speaking clearly. This is because dentures do not have a stable foundation and simply rest on top of the gums. Dental implants, however, do not cause these issues. In fact, they provide patients with a number of advantages, including:

Natural Materials

Our dental implants are made from zirconia which is naturally compatible with the body. Since it is a ceramic material, there is no risk of corrosion. Dentures, however, are made from plastic and cast metal, which can cause irritation to the gums.


With dental implants, Portland patients will receive a long-term solution for tooth replacement. Dental implants can last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. Dentures, however, need to be replaced every 5-7 years.

Increased Stability

Whereas dentures will slip around in the mouth and cause difficulty eating or speaking, dental implants do not. Implants are planted firmly within the jawbone.

Bone & Tooth Preservation

Because dental implants interact so closely with the bone and soft tissue, they actually encourage growth the way a natural tooth would. Dentures do not.


Dental implants can replace any number of missing teeth.

Health Risks of Dentures

In addition to functional and cosmetic issues, dentures also cause health problems. Because they do not encourage growth of bone or soft tissue, patients will experience facial deterioration. This means that your dentures will become ill fitting and signs of aging will become more obvious.

With dental implants, our Portland patients are getting a healthy and long term tooth replacement option.

holistic dental implants Portland Oregon

Using A Dental Implant To Replace a Single Tooth

A single tooth can be lost due to accident or disease. Historically, a common solution for this problem was typically a dental bridge. However, a dental bridge can often cause damage to remaining teeth and even result in further tooth loss.

Dental implants provide the most healthy and natural tooth replacements available. There are fewer risks of complication than with a dental bridge. In fact, with dental implants, our Portland patients will actually see improved oral health.

Drawbacks of a Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is essentially a prosthetic tooth that is suspended in between two natural teeth. Additionally, the two natural teeth must be destroyed and fitted with crowns in order to support the dental bridge. This often results in complications because it requires that a all of the enamel on the supporting teeth be amputated.

In addition to leaving the teeth vulnerable to decay, a dental bridge also puts stress on these teeth, which can eventually cause them to come loose. In fact, there is a 33% failure rate with dental bridges in the first 5-7 years.

Advantages of Dental Implants

Zirconia dental implants are healthier and offer better outcomes than dental bridges. They are actually fused with the jawbone and do not rely on remaining teeth for support.

Bone & Gum Health

Because zirconia dental implants are surgically placed within the jawbone, they provide stimulation for growth and regeneration. With a dental bridge, patients actually experience deterioration of the bone and soft tissue.

Natural Function & Appearance

A dental bridge can sometimes make it difficult to eat and chew food. Zirconia dental implants, however, function exactly like a natural tooth.

Long Term Stability

With proper care and maintenance, zirconia dental implants can last an entire lifetime.

“I have been a patient for years. Dr. Blodgett, with his state of the art equipment, was able to keep my mouth & teeth healthy. I look forward to years of continuing great care @ Blodgett Dental Care”

Robert K.

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