We’ve talked about it before: Gum disease is an epidemic and it’s hurting more than our mouths. Untreated gum disease has now been shown to cause heart disease, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, high blood pressure, strokes, and many other serious health complications.

So why does it seem like nobody’s doing anything about it? Well, if you consider the barbaric and ineffective traditional treatments offered by most dentists, it’s no wonder people avoid seeking care! If the “cure” seems worse than the disease, then it is understandable why people avoid treatment.

At Blodgett Dental Care, we’re using smart dental technology to change the way our patients think about gum disease and their health.

In today’s article, we’ll explore our approach to gum disease treatments and talk more about one of the most revolutionary ways to prevent and treat gum disease: Perio Protect. We’ll also share a short gum disease self-assessment quiz you can take at home.

Why does gum disease go untreated?

Millions of people – some estimates say nearly 50% of American adults – suffer from gum disease. Gum disease is known to have a direct influence on every aspect of our health. Our mouths act as a gateway to the body. When this gate is left open – in the form of bleeding gums – bacteria enter the bloodstream and can cause disease, infection, and stress on the immune system. (The same is true of teeth with root canals, but we’ll hold that topic for another day).

Gum disease isn’t pleasant!

As bacteria infect gum tissue the results are toxic to your tissues. Gums bleed, become red and inflamed, and can feel very tender and painful. Then why are so many people willing to live with gum disease when the symptoms and effects on their bodies are so terrible?

It’s unfortunate, but for many years the best way to treat gum disease was painful surgery that often involved tissue grafts, scraping, and lots of cutting. Many people believed the cure to be worse than the disease.

Times have changed – don’t avoid treating gum disease

Minimally-invasive non-surgical gum disease treatments are now available. At Blodgett Dental Care, we offer a variety of laser and non-surgical gum disease treatments that produce incredible results without the pain of traditional gum disease surgeries. These are great options for cases of gum disease and gum recession requiring immediate intervention.

But fortunately, with frequent holistic dental exams and using advanced DNA analysis, it’s possible to catch gum disease very early. The earlier it’s detected, the less invasive the treatment options are.

Perio Protect is a truly comfortable gum disease treatment

When gum disease is detected early, you can work with your dentist to adjust your diet, examine lifestyle factors that may be contributing to gum disease, and discuss other strategies to help cure gum disease. Believe it or not, one of our favorite ways to help patients overcome gum disease is a simple and painless at-home treatment.

You don’t hear many people using “comfortable” and “gum disease treatment” in the same sentence very often.

But when we’re talking about Perio Protect, it’s not an exaggeration. It’s the absolute truth.

Perio Protect is an amazing system that uses a hydrogen peroxide gel to target and kill bacteria above and even deep below the gumline. How does it work?

perio protect gel guard
  1. Using a sophisticated 3D scanner, we create a custom set of Perio Protect trays to fit your mouth. There’s no goopy impression material to gag on!
  2. We ensure that the trays have a perfect fit and completely seal in the hydrogen peroxide gel.
  3. You’ll fill the trays with Perio Protect gel and wear them for 15 minutes a day.

BELIEVE IT OR NOT: Because they’re custom made, many of our patients say their Perio Protect trays are so comfortable they wear them while showering, doing yoga at home or watching TV.

That’s it! The trays hold the hydrogen peroxide against your gums where it effectively and painlessly kills gum disease-causing bacteria and softens the tartar so that it is much easier to remove. In just a few weeks, you’ll see a noticeable difference in your gum health and will avoid the consequences of untreated gum disease.

We haven’t even mentioned the best part yet…

Over 80% of adults wish they had whiter teeth. Teeth whitening has become a multi-billion dollar industry. But many whitening products can lead to sensitive or damaged teeth and can produce results that are less than what were hoped for.

Perio Protect is like magic. Not only does it actively fight gum disease, the peroxide gel actually whitens and brightens your teeth. How cool is that?

Gum disease is nothing to worry about – if you take action

With Perio Protect and other high-tech gum disease treatments, there’s no reason to ignore the consequences of gum disease. The key is to be proactive about your dental health and whole body wellness.

Take our 8 question at-home gum disease self assessment

Ask yourself these 8 questions. If you answer yes to any of them, talk to your dentist for a full gum disease evaluation. Remember, early detection equals more treatment options.

  • Do you notice blood in the sink after flossing and brushing? – If your gums bleed or are red and swollen after being brushed and flossed, that’s like a big flashing warning sign that you might have gum disease.
  • Are your teeth feeling “loose”? – Infected gum tissue can affect the stability of your teeth. Teeth that feel even a little bit loose should be evaluated as soon as possible.
  • Have your teeth grown? – OK, so your teeth aren’t really growing, but receding gums can make your teeth look longer than normal.
  • Are your teeth more sensitive? – Receding gums can expose part of your tooth’s sensitive root. You’ll especially notice this when eating or drinking hot or cold foods and drinks.
  • Are you self-conscious of how your breath smells? – Chronic bad breath can be the result of the same bacteria that cause gum disease.
  • Do you smoke? There is no safe way to smoke or use tobacco products. Gum disease is just one of the many, many health problems caused by cigarettes and tobacco.
  • Do you have dentures or a dental implant? – When you wear dentures or have a dental implant, you’re at increased risk of gum disease.
  • Do you have heart disease or diabetes? – Both conditions are linked closely with gum disease. When your gums are inflamed, you risk further damage to your heart and may be at higher risk of diabetes complications. Conversely, when your gums are healthy, your diabetes will likely be easier to control and your heart will be healthier!

Share your results at your next appointment

Make an appointment at Blodgett Dental Care today. Share the results of your gum disease self assessment and learn more about how you can win the fight against gum disease!