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A Beautiful, Healthy Smile You’ll Love to Show Off!

Part of maximizing your health and wellness is feeling great about yourself.

At Blodgett Dental Care, we respect and appreciate this and make teeth whitening an important part of our cosmetic dentistry services. Stained teeth can make you self-conscious and lower your self-esteem.

Luckily, thanks to the cosmetic dentistry team at Blodgett Dental Care in Portland, OR, you don’t have to live with stained teeth. We can help you achieve the beautiful, white smile you’ve always wanted using safe, pain-free whitening treatments.

“Staff is friendly and compassionate. Dr. Kelley Blodgett took time to explain things in a courteous and informative manner. New innovative technologies!”

Rachel G.

What Causes Stained Teeth?

Welcome to Portland, Oregon! Our great city is home to incredible coffee, world-class Pinot Noir wines, and stained teeth!

Yes, it’s true. Many of the finer things in life that we enjoy can make our smiles appear much darker than they really are.

In addition to the foods and drinks we enjoy, stained teeth can be caused by:

  • Genetics
  • Medications
  • Our oral health and whole-body health
professional teeth whitening Portland Oregon

Our Teeth Whitening Options: Which is Best For You?

Perio-Protect: Whiten Your Teeth AND Fight Gum Disease!

Gum disease affects more than 50% of Americans and causes infections, painful inflammation, and damage to bone and otherwise healthy tooth structure. Gum disease can even contribute to diabetes, hypertension, impotence, and other ailments.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a non-invasive treatment that stops gum disease in its tracks and even whitens your teeth at the same time?

With Perio Protect, all of this is possible!

How Perio Protect Works

The Perio Protect system uses a hydrogen peroxide gel that is placed into custom-made dental trays. The trays aren’t big and bulky– you can wear them comfortably while exercising or just watching TV!

15 minutes a day is all it takes to see incredible results!

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Custom-Made Trays

  • Made to fit your mouth

  • Long lasting

  • Comfortable

  • Easy to use

Healing Peroxide Gel

  • Low concentration of hydrogen peroxide

  • Safe & natural

  • Targets bacteria beneath the gum line

  • Actually whitens & brightens your teeth!

No-Prep Veneers

No-prep veneers are the best option if you’re looking for a permanently whiter smile. One of the disadvantages to gel-based whitening systems is that they require regular maintenance and reapplications to keep your teeth white.

With no-prep veneers like Durathin veneers or Lumineers, you’ll never have to use a tooth whitening product again! Although veneers are generally a greater investment than whitening, the predictability and longevity of the end result often justifies the investment.

Advantages of No-Prep Veneers

Don’t confuse the no-prep veneers offered at Blodgett Dental Care with the traditional veneers offered by many other cosmetic dentists. Traditional veneers require you to grind away healthy tooth structures and are irreversible.

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A white smile isn’t worth the drawbacks of traditional veneers.

  • Made from ultra-thin porcelain

  • Easy to apply and can be removed at any time

  • Don’t damage your natural, healthy teeth

If a permanently whiter smile is what you are after, then no-prep veneers are likely the best solution for you!

More Teeth Whitening Solutions

OTC Whitening Systems

  • Temporary solution that doesn’t produce “As-Seen-On-TV” results
  • Require straight-even teeth for a proper fit
  • A poor choice for most people

Custom At-Home Trays

  • Custom-made to fit your teeth
  • Requires patience and many treatments
  • Good overall results
  • More cost-effective than other options

In-Office Whitening Treatments

  • Fastest results!
  • Non-invasive and high-tech process using laser-accelerated teeth whitening gel
  • Great choice for most people!

“I couldn’t be happier with my experiences with Dr. Blodgett. He is on the cutting edge of technology and has a warm and comforting chair-side manner. I’ve recommended him to several friends so far.”

David B.

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