Today we are excited to share the story of a wonderful woman, writer,  and health advocate, Liz Wolfe, NTP. You can read about Liz’s health journey and what inspired her to write her first book “Eat The Yolks” on her website:   As Liz states on her website, her vision is to “discover paleo, fight food lies and reclaim your health”. Liz is a model for how to change your nutrition and lifestyle in order to encourage a fantastic state of health!  Despite being an expert in health and wellness, her own health was still not optimal. The problem: an infection caused by a root-canal treated tooth. 


The problem: ROOT CANALS!

Liz became familiar with what are doing here at Blodgett Dental Care: how were are sharing the truth in oral health and empowering patients across the globe. Eventually, she decided to make the trip to see us from Kansas City, MO!  Yes, that is 1800 miles from Portland, Oregon where our practice is located.

Liz was aware that there was an infection in her jaw. Despite her local dentist not being overly concerned with what they saw, we knew that this infection was putting her body at high risk for systemic infection.  Liz flew to Portland and, after her BDC New Patient Experience, had her lower left first molar removed following our protocol. As you can see below, the 3-D x-ray is far superior in showing the infection that her root canal-treated tooth caused in her jaw bone.


The image below illustrates the 15 pathogenic bacteria that were trapped in her dead tooth root and jawbone. 



Liz states that her experience with BDC and healing was awesome. “It was a great experience end to end. You have a great team. Everyone and everything was top notch. Thanks so much! – Liz Wolfe”


If you are seeking optimal health and not able to achieve it, we are here to help. Visit our website or email us to reserve a New Patient Experience at 

Care and service like ours are worth the trip.  Your health is worth it!