Over the past century, people have been exposed to numerous metals all in the name of “restoring” teeth. Between metal fillings and crowns, there is potential exposure to mercury, nickel, silver, tin, copper, gold, palladium and others, all of which release metallic ions (charged metal particles). As crazy as it may sound, there have been no studies ever done that assess what happens in the body when these many different metals are mixed together!
Here is what we do know about having multiple metals in the mouth:
Galvanic response: When two dissimilar metal alloys are put into contact they create an electrical charge. Anybody who has ever had mercury amalgam fillings and has chewed on aluminum foil knows exactly what we’re talking about. The teeth “zing” from the electrical charges being released!
Burning mouth syndrome and Lichen Planus: Studies have recently shown that metal ions which are released from titanium dental implants have the ability to initiate the symptoms of both burning mouth syndrome and/or lichen planus. We have found these symptoms to resolve when metals are removed in our clinical practice.
If you want to test for metal allergy, the best way to test for this is with a “MELISA” test. This blood test measures the reactivity of your own blood to any number of metals that you’d like to test.
If you have questions about the metals that you have in your mouth, email us at info@bdcpdx.com We do offer web-based consultations for those who want a more comprehensive approach to their oral health care.