On today’s Toxic Tuesday, we’re going to be talking about wisdom teeth removal and cavitations!

Does this story sound familiar to you? You were a healthy child with energy despite not having the best diet. Then your wisdom teeth were removed in your late teens to early 20s. You may recall that something didn’t go well with your healing or you had “dry sockets” and had to have the areas “packed”. Then somewhere between your late 20s to early 40s you just felt like you ran out of gas. Your energy and vitality simply disappeared. You started seeing alternative health providers to try to optimize your health. Despite eating better than you ever have and experiencing the best G.I. regularity of your life, you still feel pooped! (Pardon the pun). One of the most common causes of this type of health story is chronic oral infection! But sadly, it is rarely mentioned by physicians, naturopaths, chiropractors, nutritional therapists, etc. (Except those who have become enlightened!).


Chronic oral infection will tank your body’s energy!! Today’s Toxic Tuesday post is a case in point.

This man’s wisdom teeth were removed at age 17 (he is now 30). He doesn’t recall anything too odd with his healing after the wisdom teeth removal. But by age 25 he was “out of gas”, energetically speaking. Thankfully his N.D. physician referred him to us for a total oral health evaluation. His 3D cone-beam CT scan showed obvious cavitation lesions where the lower wisdom teeth used to be (images  below).



When opened up, these two balls of infection were hiding deep within the jawbone (images pasted below). The other images (beware – graphic surgery images) show what these infected areas look like within their bony cavity (the cavitation). If your energy is down and the therapies you are trying are not getting you to optimal health, please come see us for an evaluation.


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