Oral Health and Your Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Teeth

Verification that your Wisdom teeth extraction sites have healed without infected cavitation lesions

One of the most common pathological conditions in Oral Health people’s bodies in relation to Wisdom Teeth is the “cavitation lesion” of the jaw.  It is often painless yet can cause devastating chronic health issues for those unfortunate enough to develop them.  Cavitation lesions develop when wisdom teeth are extracted and the hole in the bone fills with bacteria and/or foreign material (i.e. – food).  The gum tissues close over the hole much faster than the bone can regenerate.  Once the gums close over the top of the hole, whatever is trapped inside will remain indefinitely.  As long as your body has a healthy immune system, you may not notice any ill effects.  However, this source of chronic oxidative stress will slowly erode your body’s energy sources. 

In order to assess if your bone healed properly from Wisdom Teeth extraction, and maintain excellent Oral Health there are a few options to consider:  

A 3D Cone-Beam CT scan.

A 3D bone scan at our Dental Clinic


(1) A 3D Cone-Beam CT scan.  (This image is our Portland Dental Clinic)

This would offer the ability to see whether the density of the bone areas which were treated appear similar in density to the bone around the treated areas.  However, this only offers information about the density of the bone. It does not diagnose infection. In order to diagnose infection other options must be considered. 

Intra-bony biopsy

(2) Intra-bony biopsy or sampling of blood to maintain good oral health.  

It is possible to make a “pinhole” puncture through the gum tissue and hard outer surface of the jawbone with a guide needle and cannula.  Through this cannula, a sampling needle can be inserted and a sample of the intra-bony contents can be gathered. This material can then be tested at a DNA diagnostics lab such as DNA Connexions.  The advantage of this approach is that it is minimally-invasive. The challenge with it is that gathering a large enough sample can be difficult.  

(3) Body energy assessment.  

There are a number of different methods of measuring the energetic information that your body provides.  Your body’s own intelligent energy knows whether there is continued infection in an area or not. The trick is learning how to ask the right questions and gather the right answers.  Some of the more common methods are:

  –  EAV (Electro-Acupuncture according to Voll)

  –  ART (Autonomic Response Testing) developed by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt

  –  AMA (Acupuncture Meridian Assessment) developed by Dr. Simon Yu

  –  Pendulum testing

  –  ACMOS method using a Lecher antenna

I have personally observed each of these methods being employed and all can be very effective.  Physicians and dentists who have little to no training, understanding, or curiosity about this kind of approach to healthcare will likely tell you that this is all “Voodoo” science.  It is not Voodoo. Our bodies are a physical manifestation of energy. How else does our heartbeat? How are nerve signals conducted? It is all energy.  

The infra-red thermographic technique is that there is no X-ray or other ionizing radiation involved.


(4) Infra-red thermography.  

Areas of our bodies that hold infection and/or inflammation experience higher than normal levels of blood flow.  This increase in blood flow results in increased heat emitted through the “dermatome” (the patch or area on the skin that represents this inner area).  When viewed through infra-red thermography, our entire skin becomes a map that allows a better understanding of which areas of the body are experiencing higher than normal heat patterns. 


One primary advantage of this thermographic technique is that there is no X-ray or other ionizing radiation involved.

If it is your goal to verify that your prior areas of jaw surgery are healthy, any of these assessment techniques can be used to gather helpful information. To schedule a visit with our team, please email us at info@bdcpdx.com or call 503-285-3620.

Dr. Blodgett completed his pre-doctoral sciences at Portland State University and graduated from the Oregon Health Science University School of Dentistry in 1999. As a modern pioneer in progressive dental care, Dr. Blodgett has become a leader in minimally-invasive dentistry, dental lasers, computerized dental technology, and holistic care. He is widely recognized for the innovative care he provides and is dedicated to helping his patients optimize their whole body health.






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