Everything is Connected.

The human body is a system of biological processes and energy flow which exists simultaneously as physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual manifestation. With such a complex organism, we cannot separate any one system from another.  When the balance is threatened, an accounting of constituent parts must be made.  Each individual part affects the system as a whole.

At Blodgett Dental Care, we recognize and respect these connections and allow them to guide how we assess our patients’ health.  For instance, the presence of infection of the gum tissue, bone or teeth (i.e. gum inflammation and bleeding, cavitations from previously extracted teeth, infected root canals), or toxic materials like mercury and fluoride not only affect the oral cavity but affect the entire body system in a detrimental way.  Our goal is to help you eliminate these road blocks to balance and wellness in order to elevate the health of the entire body system to an optimal and sustainable level.

​Our goal is to help you eliminate these road blocks to balance and wellness in order to elevate the health of the entire body system to an optimal and sustainable level.

Energy Meridians

Life is energy. The ebb and flow of this energy throughout our bodies is what allows our heart to beat, our legs to walk, and our teeth to sense coldness from ice. A review of basic embryology reveals that our teeth originate from the same tissues as our central nervous system. It is no surprise, therefore, that oral health can have an impact on our entire body. When the health of a tooth is compromised, the changes in the original pulp tissues (the tooth blood, lymph vessels, and nerve fibers) are predictable, measurable, and will affect all organs systems which are embryologically connected to that tooth.  Use the Tooth-Energy Meridian Chart which illustrates the links between teeth and their connected organ systems.

Chronic Infection

Our bodies are teeming with bacteria, most of which are beneficial, if not essential, to our health and wellness. However, there are certain instances in which otherwise healthful bacteria gain access to places where they shouldn’t be. In these instances it is possible for infection to develop which can slowly diminish your health and vitality. In the mouth, the vast majority of infections from which people suffer are “silent.” This means an infection could be present without your awareness. The most common locations in the mouth for silent chronic infection are the gums (periodontal disease), dead teeth (root canals), cavitation lesions (from improper extraction of teeth), and tonsils. Infections from one or more of these sources can cause significant health issues in numerous other areas of your body (see Tooth-Energy Meridian Chart). 

In order to establish and maintain optimal health, these infections must be diagnosed and treated.  We are experts in this kind of care and can help you optimize your health and wellness.

Mercury Exposure

For 200 years, the use of mercury in dentistry was a topic of great debate. When mercury fillings were first introduced they were popular because they were inexpensive and easy to apply. However, dentists, who understood the toxic nature of mercury, strongly opposed its use. They knew that mercury could drive a person crazy (i.e. “mad hatter syndrome”). Unfortunately, the convenience of mercury caused it to become commonplace and dentists still use mercury, a known neurotoxin, in their practices. 

In fact, more than 50% of dentists in America still use mercury amalgam in fillings. 

“SMART” Mercury Removal

The American Dental Association acknowledges that elemental mercury vapor is constantly released from “silver” (mercury) fillings. If you have mercury fillings, you are being exposed to mercury every minute of every day. It absorbs into your body through the alveoli of your lungs and the lining of your gastro-intestinal tract. To ensure optimal health and longevity, mercury must be removed safely by using the “SMART” protocol followed by a detoxification program. An effective detox program will vary from person to person depending on individual risk factors and genetics. We look forward to helping you become mercury free and moving toward your greatest state of health and longevity.


The use of fluoride, particularly in terms of adding it to community water supply, has been one of the hottest topics in community health over the past century. The assertion of the “pro-fluoride” people is that it will reduce the risk of tooth decay. It is a fact that when bound to enamel crystals, fluoride makes the enamel more acid resistant. What is not common knowledge is what happens to the overall health of the body after ingesting water treated with fluoride. Scientific studies have shown that prolonged exposure to fluoride can result in significant neurological impairment, especially in children. Our advice is to follow a healthy whole-food diet, drink plenty of purified water, move your body every day, and rest well. With those ingredients, your body will be able to maintain its own best health.

Dental Nutrition

Dental Nutrition

The role nutrition plays in oral health was most famously described by Dr. Weston Price, an early 20th century dentist. He observed, worldwide, that people who ate the traditional whole foods of their ancestors generally showed excellent jaw development, straight dental arches (straight smiles) and no tooth decay. However, the people that adopted a “Western-style” diet of processed foods, were more likely to develop tooth decay, shrunken jaw forms, and crowded teeth. His work is best summarized in the book “The Dental Diet” by Australian dentist, Dr. Steven Lin. 

Our team recommends that our patients buy their own copy and read it. This investment in time will help you appreciate how your body’s blood system is intimately connected with every tooth in your mouth. With proper nutrition you can help your teeth heal from the inside-out and maintain their health and wellness for a lifetime.