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Sinus Infection? Think Again!

Would you accept this as a “healthy and normal dental treatment”? This patient was told that her tooth was fine and that her pain must be from a sinus infection. This tooth was removed from a 22 year old woman.  The root canal treatment was performed when she was 17…

The Risk of “Socket Grafting”

Last week I had the pleasure of helping a woman who was ready to have a zirconia implant placed in her upper left jaw replacing her first molar.  When the tooth was removed, she had the extraction site filled with synthetic grafting materiaL…

The Value of the Care You Can Trust

Today we are excited to share the story of a wonderful woman, writer,  and health advocate, Liz Wolfe, NTP. You can read about Liz’s health journey and what inspired her to write her first book “Eat The Yolks” on…

You Don't Need a Root Canal

Toxic Tuesday: You DON’T NEED A ROOT CANAL!

Last week a woman drove 5 hours seeking our help.  5 years ago her dentist said, “Your filling is cracked.  You need a crown.”  She trusted him and allowed him to do the crown.  After the numbness wore off her tooth felt very sensitive …

"SMART" Mercury Removal

Safe Mercury Filling Removal ("SMART" Protocol)

It is widely known that mercury is a toxic substance to human health.  Unfortunately, millions of people around the world have had this toxic substance put in their mouths under the guise of it being a “silver filling.”  That sounds so noble, yet in truth, the filling is more than 50% liquid mercury …

Toxic Tuesday Root Canal Infection

Toxic Tuesday: You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Frequently I’m asked, “How do I know if my root canals are infected?” As I have explained in the past, EVERY tooth which has experienced root canal therapy will be filled with bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi within a timeframe of merely weeks …

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