Can HPV Virus Hide in Your Dead Teeth?

HPV Virus and Root Canals

Based on the findings of recent tests performed in our office, YES!! HPV virus can, in fact, hide in your dead teeth.

Over the past year I have shared many aspects of how root canal treatment can result in significantly challenging health issues.  From eczema and depression to strokes and heart attacks, keeping dead teeth in your mouth can results in serious consequences. On that note, I would like to propose a question: If you have already had root canal therapy on at least one tooth, did your Dentist or Endodontist tell you that there was a very high probability that your tooth would be completely infected within 30 days and that this infection could lead to numerous serious systemic diseases?  My guess is that the answer is “No.” If you knew that keeping a dead tooth would result in very real and probable diseases, would you not quickly decide to get the tooth out?

Drill it, Kill it, Fill it, Bill it.

What I find troubling in the world of tooth pain is that all too frequently when a person is suffering from tooth pain or sensitivity, the quick response from the Dentist is “Oh, you need a root canal”.  Just like that. No other options are given. No long term health consequences discussed. Just drill it, kill it, fill it and bill it. In my opinion, this is not responsible healthcare. Human beings deserve better that this.  Please feel empowered to ask questions of your healthcare providers! Only agree to care that makes complete sense to you. (Does it make any sense to keep a dead body part inside our jawbone??).  

And if you have already had root canal therapy, consider removing this dead and infected organ.  Just look at the pathogen report attached below. HPV 58?? Entamoeba species (parasites)??  I can’t imagine any person wanting that living in their jawbone. No wonder the abscess you see below was so huge! Thank goodness it is all out and cleaned up so she can heal. 

HPV Virus and Dental Health

If you have had root canals, we would love to help you get your mouth back to health. Please contact us at info@bdcpdx.com.

People deserve to know the truth about root canals – that they are all infected and can lead to systemic disease. Learn more about honest, dental health through our Youtube channel, here.

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