Wellness Wednesday – The Power of Meeting Patient Goals and Exceeding Expectations

Today’s story shares the success of treatment for the Chiropractor from Texas. To review, her
goals were:

  • Remove her front tooth and replace it immediately with a ceramic implant and crown.
  • Return for the final crown within 6 months.

Check out this video before continuing to read.

Not only was I able to meet her goals, but it was accomplished in less time than she had hoped!
As you listen to her experience in the video a few points stand out:

  • Throughout the process she experienced no pain at all. Now, although this isn’t the case for every patient, it is quite common in our practice.
  • This was the best dental experience she ever had! Imaging that – having a tooth removed, an implant placed in your jawbone and a crown cemented on the implant – and despite the moderately invasive nature of the care she still considers it the best dental experience of her life!

My goal in sharing this story is not only to let people know about the great work we are doing in
my practice, but also to let the public know what is possible! Most dentists are unaware that
ceramic dental implants exist. Most dentists believe that performing root canals (more
accurately described as “tooth taxidermy”) is healthy, despite the mounting evidence of
systemic harm that they cause. Most dentists believe that titanium dental implants present no
risk to their patients.

I do not fault ignorant dentists for being unaware of the health impacts of
root canals and exposing patients to metal alloys in their jaws. We are all on a learning journey.
But hopefully by informing the public about what is possible and more biologically compatible
oral health options, people can make more informed decisions. And who knows? By bringing
these issues to the awareness of your dentist perhaps the profession of dentistry as a whole will
improve! We at BDC will continue to bring better oral health practices to light!


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