Toxic Tuesday – Why All Root Canals Become Toxic Teeth

Over the past few weeks, I have received many questions asking if certain specific root canal techniques are better and potentially safer than past options. Some of the modern catchphrases or marketing terms that you’ll hear are: “Biological root canals” using “Gentle Wave” or “S.W.E.E.P.S.” (Shock wave enhanced emission photo-acoustic streaming) techniques, and “Biocalex” root canal sealer. Let me make this clear. This is like asking if a new embalming technique for a corpse will make the dead body healthier.

There is a simple reason why root canal-treated teeth lead to systemic disease and tooth loss over time. It boils down to dental anatomy. Teeth are composed of two very different hard structures: enamel and dentin. Although enamel is extremely dense and non-porous (which makes it a wonderful protective barrier for your tooth!), the dentin is completely porous throughout its structure. Once the vital tissues that live inside of a tooth are removed (such as the blood vessels and nerves), the pores of the dentin become open pathways through which microbes invade the tooth’s root system. Today’s video illustrates how this happens.

Although modern technologies have made root canal treatments safer and possibly more effective, if your goal is to have optimal health then it would be helpful for you to know that root canal-treated teeth will always be filled with microorganisms within a month or two after treatment. When these microbes colonize the dentin, they eventually produce endotoxins which increase systemic oxidative stress (Journal of Molecular Neurobiology, (2018) 55:2814–2827) and negatively impact whole-body health.

Our goal at Blodgett Dental Care is to share ALL the relevant information regarding dental treatments, not just what is popular or paid for by insurance plans. If you seek optimal health and have had root canals, we recommend that you consider how they might be impacting your health. If you decide to remove and replace them, we would be happy to help you with that process. 

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