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What is Dental Ozone?

Kelly J. Blodgett, DMD is always seeking out new ways to offer his patients the best holistic and preventive dental treatments in Portland. Recently, his commitment to lifelong learning and study has led him to discover a powerful new treatment option: Dental Ozone.

Dental Ozone is:

  • Completely natural
  • Biocompatible
  • Non-toxic
  • A powerful and proven treatment option in the fight against infection, decay, and other dental health problems
ozonated water

What is Ozone?

Chemical elements can exist in different forms. For example, you may know that the soft graphite found in pencil lead is actually a form of carbon– the same element that makes up diamonds, one of the hardest substances known to man. The difference is in how the atoms and molecules are arranged.

When it comes to Oxygen, there are a few allotropes or variations. O2 (oxygen gas) and O3 (ozone). The addition of the extra Oxygen atom gives the molecule new physical properties.

What properties does Ozone have?

Ozone is an oxidant and is also referred to as an oxidizer or a substance that accepts an electron from another substance and is then reduced. It also adds an oxygen atom to the compound being oxidized.

Is Ozone toxic?

Ozone is a strong and powerful oxidant. As an experienced dentist, Dr. Blodgett is able to use it to fight infection and decay without irritating the sensitive tissues in your mouth.

How do Oxidants help my body?

how does ozone help holistic health?

Bacteria, parasites, viruses, and fungi have very few (or even no) antioxidant enzymes in their cell membranes. This is in contrast to our body’s healthy cells which are full of antioxidants!

Because of their makeup, pathogens in your body are very vulnerable to oxidants- like Ozone!

Oxidants destroy the cell membrane of the pathogen and disinfect/sterilize the body. The best part? Ozone leaves NO TOXIC BY-PRODUCTS. As Ozone breaks down, only water and oxygen remain.

What is a biofilm?

Biofilms are colonies of microorganisms that grow on solid surfaces. In the world of dentistry, plaque, carious lesions (decay), and gum diseases (periodontitis) are all very common biofilms. Unfortunately, traditionally destroying and removing a biofilm without damaging the surrounding tissue was difficult.

However, recent research concluded that “the regular delivery of antibiofilm agents may be an effective strategy for treating biofilms, especially if these agents include oxidative agents that dissolve the biofilm matrix.”

OK, so what does that mean to you?

The use of Dental Ozone can be a powerful tool in the fight against gum disease and tooth decay!

How do Dental Ozone treatments work?

Put simply, the negatively charged Ozone molecule is attracted to the positively charged infected tissue.  This electro-chemical attraction creates an incredibly efficient anti-infective treatment for our oral environment!  Remember, Ozone isn’t a medicine or a drug. It’s completely natural with powerful healing abilities. There are no side effects!

At Blodgett Dental Care in Portland, we use ozone for:


  • Prevention & Protection: Ozonated water is used as a pretreatment disinfecting rinse before cleanings, exams, and dental procedures. We also use it before placing sealants on teeth.
  • During Treatments: Ozonated water and Ozone gas are used in concert to treat all oral infections using completely natural methods! Ozone gas is used to eliminate pathogens before repairing cavities or placing a final restoration on a repaired tooth. Both Ozone gas and ozonated water are used to sterilize the during endodontic and periodontal treatments.

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