Toxic Tuesday: Dental Professionals – Why We’re Not Good Listeners

Last week I received a DM on IG from a woman who shared that both of her upper molars had been treated with root canals. They never felt better so the teeth were “re-treated”, then extracted and then “Bone Grafting” from a cadaver was placed. A couple months later titanium implants were inserted and then restored. She then experienced chronic headaches, tinnitus and started noticing a metallic taste in her mouth. She shared this with her dentist who told her “everything looks fine”.  His suggestion was for her to see a Psychiatrist as it might be related to anxiety or stress.  


Have you ever shared your feelings and experiences with a dentist only to them discounted or disregarded?  Perhaps it is because of how students are trained in order to become dentists.  See what the ADEA (American Dental Education Association – the group who sets the entrance standards for dental schools) requires for dental school admission:


“Traditionally, dental schools select candidates for admission who possess two semesters (three quarters) of biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, and physics all with labs. Some dental schools require additional courses such as English composition and additional upper-level biology courses such as anatomy and physiology, microbiology and biochemistry.”


Although these are all wonderful subjects, they do nothing to help students learn how to work with human beings! After all, the teeth, gums and jawbones they are treating are attached to people! Perhaps the ADEA will add Psychology classes to that list in the future? 


One of the reasons that our culture at BDC is so different is that my bachelor’s degree is in Psychology! I learned first how to work with and listen to people before developing expertise in the core sciences and oral medicine.  


If you want help with your toxic dentistry such as mercury fillings, root canals, bone infection and titanium implants, from a team who listens, we are here to help you! Ping us through our website to reserve your Dental Tourism Experience!


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