Holistic Dentistry: The Dental Industry’s Best-Kept Secret


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Wouldn’t it be great if your dentist cared about your overall well-being, not just your mouth?

Holistic dentists do!  And yet most people don’t know we exist.  Well, now I’m letting you in on the secret.

Holistic dentistry is all about helping you take care of your mouth and improve your quality of life. Instead of just treating symptoms like many traditional dentists (i.e. – drilling and filling), we’ll work with you to diagnose the causes of problems, such as stress, diet, sleep disturbances, and many other possible issues.

Holistic dentists have the same education and qualifications as other dentists.  The difference is that holistic dentistry looks at the tight-knit relationship between your oral health and your whole-body wellness.

When you visit a holistic dental practice like Blodgett Dental Care, you can expect us to focus on 6 things most traditional dentists don’t:


1. The Whole Body


We all know that the systems in our bodies are interconnected.  If you’ve ever had jaw trouble, you know it can trigger neck and back pain.

The connections run even deeper. Dental problems, like gum disease, can influence a variety of serious health problems like heart disease and even diabetes.

Wouldn’t it be helpful to talk to a dentist who understands the relationship between your mouth and the rest of your body?


2. Preventative Care


Do you have a family history of heart disease?  Are you scared of receding gums?  Talking to a holistic dentist can give you peace of mind.  We’ll help you reduce your risk for diseases before they happen.

Tip: Grinding and clenching your teeth at night is a common problem that can lead to a whole host of issues from jaw disorders to chipped teeth.  It may also be an indicator that you have sleep apnea (or hypopnea, the condition which precedes apnea).  Create a calming bedtime routine to lower your stress levels, consider wearing a nightguard and potentially consider doing an at-home sleep study.


3. Immune System Support


A healthy immune system helps you fight off infections in your mouth and everywhere else. Healthy teeth and gums contribute to a strong immune system, but there are many other lifestyle changes you can make to strengthen your body’s line of defense.

A holistic dentist will work with you to figure out what those are and how to incorporate healthier habits into your life.


4. Stress Management


Even your emotional state plays a role in your physical health.  Just think about the last time you got a headache from being over-stressed.

Stress management is especially important in dental care, because a lot of us hold stress in our jaws, which can lead to pain in the neck and TMJ.  Get some suggestions for how to reduce that jaw pain here.

Pick up some general tips for a more peaceful existence here.


5. Nontoxic Fillings


If you go to a traditional dentist with a cavity, you might wind up with a filling that contains large amount of mercury—a toxic chemical, according to the World Health Organization.

Holistic dentists avoid dangerous chemicals.  At Blodgett Dental Care, we use save resin or ceramic restorations, which are better for your body and look just like your natural teeth.


6. Safe Treatment for Gum Infections


Gum disease is not fun, but treating it can be simple and painless!  We, and many other holistic dentists, look for gentler ways to get your gums healthy.

One way to do this is with minimally invasive procedures like laser treatments. (No more scalpels!)

Another way is to avoid excessive use of antibiotics, which are often used to treat infections. Antibiotics are sometimes absolutely necessary, but they can also throw off your body’s chemistry by killing good bacteria as well as bad ones. A holistic dentist will recommend low doses of antibiotics only if you really need them.

Those are just a few unique aspects of holistic dentistry, but each dentist is different.  It never hurts to ask your dentist about his or her philosophy to make sure it’s a good fit.

Trying to decide if holistic dentistry is right for you?  Learn more about what it’s like being a patient at our dentist office.

Then give us a call or schedule an appointment to get those pearly whites (and the rest of your body) looking and feeling great!

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