Sinus Infection? Think Again! (Sinus Pain & Root Canals)

Would you accept this as a “healthy and normal dental treatment”??  Doctors told this patient that her tooth was fine and that her pain must be from a sinus infection.  Think again!


One Patient’s Story

The tooth below was removed from a 22-year-old woman when she was 17.  Ever since her treatment, she has experienced chronic pain in her right maxillary sinus and chronic drainage from her right nostril (a “post-nasal” drip feeling). Dentists and doctors told her it must be her sinuses.


“It couldn’t be related to your tooth.” 


Despite the common practice of root canal treatment, we know that the roots of root canal-treated teeth become completely infected within approximately 30 days.  If you’d like to learn more, I suggest picking up the book “Hidden Epidemic” by Dr. Thomas Levy. The science is excellent!


Doctors told this patient that the root canal therapy would relieve her tooth pain.  It didn’t. She was additionally told that she could expect the tooth to stay in her mouth for at least a couple of decades. It didn’t. For those of us who have become enlightened about what a fatally flawed procedure root canal therapy is, this will not come as a surprise. 


The Unfortunate Truth

More than 15 MILLION root canals are performed in the United States alone each year. It should come as no surprise that A LOT of people are misinformed (or at least being given limited information) about the general health consequences of root canal therapy and the subsequent symptoms one may experience.


Sinus pain caused by root canal: Diabetic Gangrene compared to dental gangrene.

As you can clearly see in the photos above, this is gangrene of the tooth.  It looks incredibly similar to the example of gangrene of the toe (image to the left). All physicians would agree that when a toe has gangrene, it must be removed. Why do we practice a completely different standard for teeth? 







Pathogen Report showing harmful microbes - If it's inside your tooth, it's inside your body!

Pathogen Report showing harmful microbes – If it’s inside your tooth, it’s inside your body!


If you know ANYBODY who has had root canal therapy or is considering it, please ask them to read this and follow my feed. People deserve to know the truth about root canals – that they are all infected and can lead to systemic disease. Learn more about honest, dental health through our Youtube channel, here


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