Wellness Wednesday – The Risks of Putting Mercury In Your Mouth

Mercury amalgam fillings were invented over 200 years ago and caused quite a stir in the dental profession. It was widely known that chronic exposure to mercury would cause mental decline and even “madness”. Think of the “Mad Hatter” from the book “Alice in Wonderland”. Hat makers at that time were constantly exposed to mercury by working with felt material. Their hands absorbed the mercury and they would eventually lose their minds.  

Health conscious dentists in the early 1800s were opposed to putting a known toxin into the mouths of their patients. Unfortunately, the combination of an increasingly refined, processed diet in industrialized countries combined with easier access to such foods lead to a massive uptick in dental decay. These holes had to be filled with something and, at the time, there were no other options. Fast forward 200 years. Dental technology has progressed significantly. Dental composites and ceramic materials abound! Yet more than 50% of the dentists in the United States are still putting this toxic substance into the mouths of their unsuspecting patients.

Today’s video offers visualization into two important aspects of mercury fillings. First, mercury fillings constantly release mercury vapor. We breathe in this vapor and it gets mixed into the foods we eat. Secondly, it shows what happens to nerve fibers (neurofibrils) when they are exposed to mercury.  Mercury binds to growing nerve axons which causes their immediate and permanent destruction.  As damage occurs, these degraded nerve fibers combine to create plaques in the brain identical to those found in the brains of people who have died from Alzheimer’s disease. 

Minimizing your exposure to environmental toxins such as mercury is clearly in the best interest of your health.  Both the IABDM and IAOMT have developed protocols that define safe removal of mercury. 

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