Oral Infection Is NOT Just Oral, It Goes Everywhere In Your Body!

Dental Mercury and Alzheimer's Disease

This week’s Toxic Tuesday and Wellness Wednesday posts will illustrate how significantly chronic oral infection can impact your whole body. This patient had been experiencing an outbreak of rashes on his arms for over a year. His dermatologist told him it was eczema and put him on topical steroids, and as soon as he stopped using it the eczema came back. His goal was to figure out the root cause of his rash and get himself to a good state of health.

He grew up working on a farm and experienced multiple traumatic injuries starting at a young age. He also had an accident at work where he fell and passed out waking up face down. Any of these injuries to his front teeth could have caused the teeth to die. Our examination revealed that 3 of his upper teeth were dead (most likely due to the trauma and one due to decay). The jawbone around these teeth was severely infected. The abscesses were draining out through his mucosa and into his mouth. None had received root canal therapy – they were just dead and full of infection.

We performed the Blodgett Extraction Protocol and replaced his missing teeth with a removable partial denture prosthetic. The roots and associated infection were sent to DNA Connexions for analysis. Today’s image clearly shows the gross infection which was around the root tips, the DNA analysis and the patient’s systemic response to this infection. Tomorrow’s post will review how this patient’s body responded to the removal of this infection. You won’t want to miss it!

If you desire a life with excellent whole-body health, your oral health cannot be ignored. We welcome all people who align with whole-body wellness. To reserve a New Patient Experience, email us at info@bdcpdx.com or go to our website and review our Dental Tourism options.

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