Toxic Tuesday – What Are Your Options If You DON’T Want A Root Canal?

why doctors don't listen

I am frequently asked, “If I don’t want a root canal, what are my other options?”.   Today’s post will review options with a tooth where a root canal has been recommended.  Tomorrow’s post will offer ways in which you can replace an extracted tooth.

To determine your options when you have been told “You NEED a root canal” you will first want to understand WHY the root canal is being recommended.  Is the nerve experiencing inflammation or is the tooth dead?

If the tooth is sensitive, there is a chance that the tooth’s health can be regenerated by resolving whatever is causing the sensitivity.  Many things can cause sensitivity in teeth!  These may include decay, bite issues, new fillings, or other dental restorations, to name a few.  If the source of the sensitivity can be diagnosed, there is a chance of resolving it!

If the tooth is dead your options are fewer.  Root canals are the most common treatment pushed on patients in this case.  However, if your goal is to have optimal health, removing the tooth would be a more predictable solution.  There are pros and cons to both options!  Root canals allow you to continue to enjoy the esthetic and chewing functions of a tooth yet exposes you to chronic microbial invasion into the jawbone and alters energetic flow through the energy meridian on which it exists.  Removing a tooth on the other hand removes the source of infection and energetic imbalance, yet it leaves you with a space in your smile and reduced chewing effectiveness.  The best option for you should be determined based on your goals, values, timeline, and budget.  

If you are tired of being told what you “need” in dentistry, we welcome you to experience an entirely new approach to oral health care where your goals and values direct the treatment solutions.  Email us at info@bdcpdx.com to reserve your New Patient Experience and visit our website to learn about our Dental Tourism options!

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