Introducing the Trios 3D Dental Imaging System

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Today I’m going to tell you about the newest technology we have brought to Blodgett Dental Care that is absolutely incredible: the Trios 3D imaging system. You’ll learn about the advantages of the Trios system compared to the procedures it’s replacing, how I plan to use it at Blodgett Dental Care, and how it can help you.

As one of Portland’s most progressive and forward-thinking dentists, I’m always trying to make use of the best dental technologies available to help my patients. For example, I was the first dentist in Portland to the offer alternative gum disease treatments like Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation Therapy, LANAP, and LAPIP!

But I’m also very thoughtful about the new technologies that I integrate into my practice.  I like to be confident that any protocols, technologies or techniques I bring into my practice are going to be improvements on traditional alternatives. I want to make sure I’m offering my patients the best treatment options for gum disease, tooth decay, TMJ function and other dental health issues.

No More Goopy, Gaggy Impressions!

For decades, the only way to make models of your teeth when creating dental restorations such as bridges, implants, or crowns was to use a goopy material and make an impression of your teeth. These same types of impressions are also used when fitting patients for removable appliance therapies such as Perio Protect and Invisalign.

The process of taking an impression is often a challenging experience for both patients and dentists!

Goopy impressions have so many drawbacks:

  • They take time and the results aren’t always 100% accurate
  • They can make you choke or gag while you wait for the goop to harden
  • They can leave behind bits of hardened material on neighboring teeth.

What if there was a better way?

Trios 3D Imaging

Trios 3D Dental Imaging System

There is a better way! It’s the Trios 3D imaging system. Instead of relying on goopy impressions, I’ll be able to use a high-tech 3D scanner to make digital “CAD” models of your teeth and gums. It’s completely painless, non-invasive and 100% amazing!

In just seconds, I’ll be able to show you a  3D “picture” of your teeth in living color. You’ll be able to understand what’s going on inside your own mouth and we’ll use what we see to create a treatment plan just for you.

But what does a 3D picture have to do with old-fashioned impressions?

Replacing Those Goopy Impressions

Dental impressions are used as “blueprints” by dental technicians to create crowns, dentures, implants, and to fit dental appliances to your mouth. This process takes time– sometimes as long as a few weeks.  In this instance, a temporary crown is installed to protect your tooth until the final permanent crown can be installed.

When I use the Trios system to create a 3D image of your mouth, I can email that image to the dental lab and within 24 hours they can build a crown that’ll fit your mouth perfectly!

Instead of molding a crown by hand, technicians will use advanced computer-assisted design (CAD) technology and high-tech 3D printing technologies to create crowns and other dental appliances faster than ever before!

How cool is that?!!

If you’re in a big rush the lab can create a crown and have it delivered to my office in just a few hours! Think about that for a minute. Imagine you’re getting ready for a trip and need to have a crown replaced. Now instead of chewing gingerly while you’re on vacation,  it’s possible to have your final, permanent crown created and installed over the course of just a few hours!

How I’ll Use Trios to Help You

The Trios 3D imaging system is incredibly versatile. I’ll be using it to:


  • Create 3D images that can be used to build crowns, implant restorations, bridges, Invisalign, and Perio Protect trays.
  • Visualize your tooth structure and gum tissue, helping you to understand the treatment plans I recommend.
  • Eliminate the need for goopy impressions that can make you choke, gag, or feel claustrophobic.
  • Get a perfect image and impression the first time in just a couple minutes.
  • Save you time and make you more comfortable throughout your appointment.

Seeing is Believing


Check out the video below to see the Trios system in action and to learn more about how it works:


See how incredibly detailed and lifelike the images created by the Trios 3D digital imaging system are? It’s absolutely amazing!

What Dentists Say About Trios

Look at what other dentists are saying about how the Trios 3D imaging system helps them provide better care for their patients:

“The Trios’ Crystal clear HD Photos allow me to easily discuss treatment options with my patients.”

–Dr. Franklin Shull, DMD

“The natural colors enable us to better evaluate treatment options. Patients love it!”

–Dr. Jonathan L. Ferencz, Prosthodontist

What Does the Future Hold?

When I think about how far dental technology has advanced in the 20 years that I have been in dentistry, it’s just incredible. New technologies are making dentistry more pain-free, non-invasive, regenerative and downright convenient than ever before.

In the coming years, I expect we’ll see even more advancements including:

  • Having the ability to completely reverse both the decay and gum disease processes
  • Creating tooth-replica zirconia implants that can replace a bad tooth in a single visit
  • Influencing gene expression to create straighter teeth without braces
  • ……and who knows what else may come??!

My Final Thoughts


The bottom line is that the Trios 3D imaging system will replace the need for traditional impressions for virtually all of my patients.

You won’t choke, gag, or feel claustrophobic. I’ll be able to clearly show you what’s going on inside your mouth and then we’ll be able to use these digital images to build your crown, implant restoration, bridge, Invisalign, or Perio Protect trays – whatever is most appropriate for you

The next time you visit Blodgett Dental Care, ask about the Trios 3D digital imaging system. I’d love to show it to you and tell you more about it!

Call Blodgett Dental Care at (503) 713-6980 to schedule your next appointment!

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