Wellness Wednesday – Options For Replacing a Missing Tooth

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When it comes to replacing teeth there are many options!  At Blodgett Dental Care we strive to help our guests make choices for tooth replacement which resonate with their own values, goals, timeline, and budget.  Questions you may want to consider if you are planning to remove a tooth (or have already had it removed) are: 

  • Do you want a replacement tooth which functions, looks and feels like a real tooth?
  • Do you want to be able to brush and floss around it like a real tooth?
  • Are you comfortable wearing a removable appliance?
  • What kind of timeline do you have for replacing your tooth?
  • What is your budget for replacing your tooth?

 The answers to questions like those above should be effective in helping you decide which tooth replacement solution will be best for you.  We pride ourselves on helping people not only remove sources of infection and energetic imbalance very effectively, but we also love to help return you to your smile and your ability to chew!

If you desire an approach to your oral health care where all the treatment options are presented and you get to choose based on your values and goals, we would love to help you!  Please email us at info@bdcpdx.com to reserve your New Patient Experience.  Visit our website to learn about our Dental Tourism solutions.  We are here to serve you!


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