Wellness Wednesday – Replacing Dead & Infected Teeth Using Dental Technology

How do we replace dead, infected teeth in a biologically compatible fashion? By combining creativity with technology!

I love dental technology! Since my early practice years I have invested in many advanced technologies starting with dental lasers and “CEREC” (used to make crowns, onlays and veneers in a single visit).  I have continued adding technologies ever since. One thing I have found throughout my career is that technology by itself does not make the difference in improving patient care.  It is the creative ways that we synergistically use technologies to pioneer new and innovative treatments that make the real difference!

One of the phrases I frequently hear from new patients is, “My regular dentist tells me that it isn’t possible to do (fill in the blank). Is that true?” Barring a few exceptions, most things that people are told aren’t possible actually are possible! Many dentists simply aren’t aware of the “outside of the box” options that we at BDC perform every day. There was a time in my career when everything that I’m doing routinely today would have sounded far-fetched and potentially even impossible. That is the beauty of learning. It’s always evolving!

With an open mind and spirit I have learned more from the patients in my practice than anything else. Some instances of technologies and advancements at BDC that have come directly from patient inquiry include Vitamin C I.V. therapy, treating cavitation (“F.D.O.J.”) lesions, ceramic (zirconia) implants and ozone. Thank you to every patient who has asked me to grow for the sake of their better health. You have been a blessing!

Today’s video is of a woman who flew across the country to have her lower molars replaced with ceramic implants and crowns.  She was told that this was impossible. We helped her get her teeth back using only ceramic materials in 4 months!  (Thanks @swissdentalsolutions !!)

If you have been told that fixing your oral health is impossible, you may have more options than you think. Ping us through our website today!


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