The Power of Removing Oral Infection

Dental Mercury and Alzheimer's Disease

Yesterday we reviewed the story of a patient who had experienced the death of 3 upper teeth and how negatively this was impacting his health. Although he was experiencing severe skin breakouts, he had no pain in his mouth. Understandably, his dermatologist had prescribed cremes to try to minimize his symptoms, but the core issue was not being addressed.

 In the first two weeks following the removal of the dead and infected teeth this patient experienced what is referred to as a “Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction”. This is a reaction to endotoxins released by the death of harmful microorganisms within the body during antibiotic treatment (in his case ozone was locally used as an antibiotic therapy). This response is due to the lysis (destruction) of bacterial cell membranes, and the consequent release into the bloodstream of bacterial toxins, resulting in a systemic inflammatory response. (Ozone is highly effective at creating this lysis effect.)

As the first couple weeks of healing passed his body started healing itself. The photos that you see in today’s image demonstrate the healing response that can happen when chronic infection is removed. He is also working on optimizing gut health to help maintain his fullest level of health. What is so important in this story is that the root problem was in his mouth. It caused no pain. Nobody on his health team thought to look in his mouth or ask about oral health issues. They just saw red skin and treated the symptom. If getting to the core of your health issues is important to you, then working with a team like ours at Blodgett Dental Care is imperative. If your mouth isn’t healthy, the rest of your body won’t be healthy. To reserve a New Patient Experience, email us at info@bdcpdx.com or go to our website and review our Dental Tourism options.

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