Toxic Tuesday: When a doctor tells you something isn’t possible, do you accept it? Or do you search for other options?

When most people hear treatment options from their doctor they accept it as gospel. After all, they’re the doctor. Surely they will give you all of your options. But doctors (and dentists!) are just people. The suggestions and recommendations we offer are limited to our degree of training, experience and understanding.  


Such was the case with the woman whose photos and X-rays I’m sharing on Instagram today. She experienced trauma to her upper left central incisor. The nerve of the tooth then died. Being a biologically based integrative physician, herself, she did not want to have root canal therapy performed on this tooth. She asked her “biological dentist” if she could have her tooth extracted and a ceramic implant placed at the same time. She was referred to a periodontist for his help. His opinion was that the only way to replace her tooth was to extract the tooth, wait 3-4 months for bone healing, then place a titanium (metal alloy) implant, wait for the bone to heal to that, and finally restore the implant. The estimated time to having a tooth back in place was 6-9 months.  This did not sit well with her.


Thankfully, I had met this physician at a muscle testing class and she had been following my IG posts. Based on what she had learned, she knew it was possible to replace her front tooth in a single visit. The only hurdle in her way was the distance between us. She lives in Texas!  Believing that we would be able to help her meeting her goals of having an immediate ceramic implant and ceramic crown, she planned her dental tourism journey.  As is the Blodgett way, same day biologically compatible tooth replacement is possible!  


If you have dead or infected teeth you want replaced in a biologically respectful manner, reach out to learn about treatment options and our BDC Dental Tourism plan!


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If you desire an approach to your oral health care where all the treatment options are presented and you get to choose based on your values and goals, we would love to help you!  Please email us at info@bdcpdx.com to reserve your New Patient Experience.  Visit our website to learn about our Dental Tourism solutions.  We are here to serve you!


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