Toxic Tuesday – When your body is speaking, is your doctor listening?

Over the past 25 years as a dentist, I have been surprised at how little the medical profession is taught about the connections of the mouth and the rest of the body.  Today’s story of a new female patient is a prime example.


Approximately one year ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Two separate surgeries were performed in an attempt to resolve the aberrant tissues.  She was not questioned about the nature of her oral health.  Interestingly, all medical and dental students study the anatomy and physiology of the lymphatic drainage pathways.  The lymph nodes and vessels serve as a part of your immune system and work to drain areas of cellular degradation, inflammation and infection.  


This patient had shared with her dentist that her root canal-treated teeth did not feel right.  They frequently experienced pain both when chewing and spontaneously.  She intuitively felt that something was wrong with all 3 of her root canal-treated teeth as well as the titanium implant in her lower right jaw.  After receiving the breast cancer diagnosis, she set her sights on removing her 3 dead teeth and the metal implant as she knew in her gut that something wasn’t right.


After driving hundreds of miles to our practice and discussing her options, she chose to have her dead teeth and metal implant removed.  All dead roots and the metal implant were sent to DNA Connexions for microbial analysis.  The reports speak for themselves!  Note the significant amount of microbes found to be living in her jawbone!  The same microbes which were in her dead teeth and infected implant would surely be draining through her lymphatic system.  


If you have root canals and metal implants that don’t feel right, reach out to us to help you resolve this significant health issue!  Don’t wait until something worse develops in your systemic health!  Reach out to us through our website to learn about our dental tourism solutions and to schedule your New Patient Experience.


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