Rheumatoid Arthritis and Root Canals


Recently I received an email from a woman in Arkansas.  As a teenager, she had root canal therapy on two of her teeth.  Her doctor had “diagnosed” her with Rheumatoid Arthritis by the end of high school. This patient is now 28 years old and wants to start a family with her husband, but she is  but is concerned about whether her root canal-treated teeth are involved with her R.A.

After writing response to her, I knew that this was information that would be helpful to share with others. Here was my (abbreviated) response:

“I would first like to address your “diagnosis” of Rheumatoid Arthritis. Is R.A. an actual “diagnosis”?  OR, is it a description of your symptoms? The word “diagnosis” is defined as “a determining of the cause or nature of a problem or situation”.  For a physician to “diagnose” you with R.A. is not actually a diagnosis. It doesn’t address the CAUSE. It is merely the description of your symptoms.  A more accurate diagnosis? Possibly that “Chronic periapical infection around root canal-treated teeth which led to chronic IgE immune response which led to chronic joint inflammation.  It is totally normal for your body to respond in an inflammatory fashion to chronic infection, by the way. Once we remove the infection, your body will be able to move toward health.”


Rheumatoid Arthritis and Gum disease

If you have root canals, gum disease or have had wisdom teeth removed which didn’t heal well, you have an infection.


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