If you are missing teeth dental implants are the best way to restore your smile. This will ensure that you have teeth that behave like real teeth. Traditionally, titanium dental implants have been a dentists’ go-to approach for implants. They are proven as a successful tooth replacement option and can last for years. However, because they are metal, there is the potential for corrosion and oxidation. In order to offer the best health options to our patients, we have added zirconia dental implants to our list of options from which patients can choose. Zirconia implants are made of “zirconium oxide”. The material is already fully oxidized so it does not degrade over time. Additionally, zirconia implants are tooth-colored which aids in creating the best esthetic outcome. Combined with our 3D implant planning and surgical guidance systems, your implants should last many years and provide you with a beautiful smile and great chewing functionality.

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