A Minimally-Invasive & High-Tech Gum Disease Treatment That Works. 

Gum disease is reaching epidemic proportions in Portland and around the country. It’s a serious condition that if left untreated can cause serious complications to your dental and general health. Many people fear the pain, side effects, and complications associated with surgical gum disease treatments more than the disease itself. Luckily there’s a better option. LANAP® is a minimally-invasive laser-based gum disease therapy that does not harm healthy tissue. In fact, it helps healthy gum tissue grow! In 2004, Dr. Blodgett became Portland’s first dentist trained in the FDA-approved gum disease treatment. 

For most people, LANAP® is simply the best way to treat gum disease.

“I had the LANAP procedure here, and I can’t speak highly enough of it, or of the staff that performed it. Mara was kind, friendly, and skilled, and I experienced only the most minimal discomfort as a result. I would recommend this procedure, and this provider, to anyone.”
Bryan K.

The Advantages of LANAP® Laser Gum Disease Treatment

LANAP®Traditional Treatments
Gum RecessionLANAP® promotes the growth of healthy gum tissue and supporting bone.Surgical treatments unnecessarily remove healthy gum tissue leading to gum recession.
Healing TimeNo cuts & stitches mean faster healing time.Painful cutting and scraping leads to longer recovery times.
ComfortMost patients require no pain medication & are back to normal in less than a day.Longer recovery times and multiple treatments can cause pain, discomfort, and infection.

The Latest Technology! Minimally Invasive! Amazing Results!

  • The PerioLase® MVP-7™ is a “smart laser” that targets only diseased gum tissue.
  • LANAP® treatments are less painful than any other gum disease treatment.
  • Immediate improvement in the health of your gum tissue without painful follow-up treatments.
  • In 2004, Dr. Blodgett became Portland’s first dentist to be trained in the LANAP technique.
  • Since that time Dr. Blodgett has helped hundreds of people save their teeth and gums.

How Does LANAP® Work?

Traditional gum disease surgery uses a scalpel to cut away both healthy and unhealthy tissue. Patients lose healthy gum tissue and the tissue that is left is usually swollen and very sore following the procedure.

LANAP® uses a laser to remove only diseased gum tissue and specifically targets the bacteria primarily responsible for gum disease. The result is a painless process with less bleeding than traditional gum disease surgery.


When the LANAP® procedure begins, the areas being treated will be numbed so that you feel nothing. We will then measure your gums to check the severity of gum disease.


Using a laser, gum-disease causing bacteria are killed without damaging healthy tissue. Bacterial deposits are removed from below the gum line.


Bacterial deposits are removed from below the gum line. Ultrasonic instruments are used to remove the tartar and stimulate bone and gum tissue regrowth.


 If you have heard horror stories about traditional gum disease treatments then, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how comfortable and non-invasive this procedure is. The recovery process is also very different. Patients usually require only mild pain relief such as natural anti-inflammatories, or traditional NSAIDs. Most of our patients recuperate quickly and get back to normal activities and diet within a day or two.

“Blodgett Dental care is all about using state of the art technology to achieve early prevention of problematic issues using minimally invasive procedures… They are a jewel among the dental practices available to you in Portland!”
Crystal S.

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