Oral cancer screening is now done in seconds!

In 2006, Blodgett Dental Care acquired the VELscope, a revolutionary tissue scanning device, to evaluate your soft tissues in your mouth for signs of oral cancer. The VELscope emits a safe blue light which excites the basement membrane (the lining of cells just below the surface) and causes it to fluoresce. The utilization of special optical filters creates different fluorescence responses in oral tissue. We can then identify tissue that is healthy or abnormal visually. The VELscope was the fastest clinical device ever approved by the FDA because of its safety, clinical effectiveness, and ability to identify precancerous lesions long before they present on surface tissues. Early detection is the key to unlocking positive outcomes. 

It’s for these reasons, and for the health of our patients, that Blodgett Dental Care became Portland’s first dental practice to own the VELscope.

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