The patient story I am sharing today may be a real eye-opener for some people, particularly dentists and endodontists.  This gentleman saw me a little over 2 years ago.  We had recommended that his mercury fillings be replaced using the “SMART” protocol and restored with minimally-invasive dental ceramics and composite restorations.  Because we were not “in-network” with his insurance company, he decided to go to another dentist who was cheaper.  Sadly, this choice is not only ending up costing him thousands of dollars more, but cost him 3 teeth, as well.  


The first tooth he had treated was his lower right first molar.  Instead of restoring it with a conservative ceramic onlay as I had recommended, the tooth was stripped of all its enamel and a huge zirconia crown was put on the tooth.  As soon as the anesthetic wore off the tooth was in pain.  The dentist said, “I think the bite is high” and ground it down.  This didn’t help.  After 3-4 more visits of the same fruitless adjustments the dentist said, “Your tooth needs a root canal.”  The root canal was performed, and the pain went away.  He then had the same problem with the upper right 1st and 2nd molars after they were ground down!  Again, the answer from the dentist was “Looks like you need a couple more root canals” which he chose to have done.  At this point, which was about 1 year ago, his teeth stopped hurting.  But then about 9 months ago he started having problems with his stomach.  He describes it as feeling full, but hungry all the time.  He started having chronic gas which he had never experienced.  It became chronically aggravating.  His physician recommended taking Nexium.   


Thankfully, his sister referred him back to see me.  As we reviewed his story, we consulted a tooth-energy meridian chart.  I shared with him that every tooth which he had root canalled was on the stomach meridian.  His immediate reaction was “I want them out!”  He was tired of being in chronic pain in his gut.  Within one week of the teeth being out, his stomach symptoms went away.  Think it’s coincidence?



In the images below, you will see that he had an incredible number of microbes built up in these 3 teeth in less than 2 years! 




If you have a gut feeling that your root canals are negatively affecting your health, they probably are!  If you would like our help optimizing your health, go to https://askbdc.typeform.com/.  We are here to help!


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