Toxic Tuesday: You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

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Frequently I’m asked, “How do I know if my root canals are infected?” As I have explained in the past, EVERY tooth which has experienced root canal therapy will be filled with bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi within a timeframe of merely weeks.  The facts are simple: (1) The roots of teeth are porous. (2)

“News flash! All root canal-treated teeth are infected!”

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Dr. Kelly Blodgett was recently featured as an author on OralDNA® Labs hosted blog, 'Trends in Salivary Testing.' For almost a decade, OralDNA® has partnered with well-respected figures in the community to share the latest medical advances. Read below for Kelly's featured post, discussing root canal infections and root canal therapy! You can find the

Toxic Tuesday: “I have a GUT FEELING that something is wrong with my root canals!”

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The patient story I am sharing today may be a real eye-opener for some people, particularly dentists and endodontists.  This gentleman saw me a little over 2 years ago.  We had recommended that his mercury fillings be replaced using the “SMART” protocol and restored with minimally-invasive dental ceramics and composite restorations.  Because we were not

Sinus Infection? Think Again! (Sinus Pain & Root Canals)

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Would you accept this as a "healthy and normal dental treatment"??  Doctors told this patient that her tooth was fine and that her pain must be from a sinus infection.  Think again!   One Patient's Story The tooth below was removed from a 22-year-old woman when she was 17.  Ever since her treatment, she has

Mouthwash Is Bad For You: Learn About Safe Alternatives

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Did you know that Listerine was once marketed as a surgical antiseptic and powerful floor cleaner? What you don’t know about mouthwash might surprise you. Especially when it comes to your dental health. In my latest video Mouth Wash Is Bad For You I share my thoughts on Mouthwash.  Please keep reading to learn more about

Safe Mercury Filling Removal

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Make sure you choose a “SMART” dentist! It is widely known that mercury is a toxic substance to human health.  Unfortunately, millions of people around the world have had this toxic substance put in their mouths under the guise of it being a “silver filling.”  That sounds so noble, yet in truth, the filling is

Treat Gum Disease At Home AND Whiten Your Teeth?

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We’ve talked about it before: Gum disease is an epidemic and it’s hurting more than our mouths. Untreated gum disease has now been shown to cause heart disease, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, high blood pressure, strokes, and many other serious health complications. So why does it seem like nobody’s doing anything about it? Well, if you