What You Need To Know About Pregnancy Gingivitis

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If you’re pregnant, our team at Blodgett Dental Care wants to offer you big congratulations! This exciting time in your life comes with many new joys and things to think about. As a result, it’s easy to accidentally overlook your oral health and the role that it plays on your pregnancy. Maintaining good dental health

What Does It Mean to Be a Holistic Dentist?

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Just this week, a person came into my Portland dental office and asked, “How can you consider yourself a ‘biological dentist’ if you use titanium implants?” In her opinion, using a foreign material (even if it is biologically compatible with a person’s body) like titanium in dental procedures meant that I shouldn’t be considered a

Is Fluoride The Answer to Remineralizing Teeth?

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This morning I received an excellent question from a potential patient who lives 150 miles from Blodgett Dental Care, my Portland dental practice. She was told by her current dentist that, “You have demineralization of your teeth. You need fluoride.” In my estimation, there are at least two things wrong with this “professional opinion” that

The Truth About Dental X-Rays

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As a holistic dentist in Portland, I work closely with patients who care about their dental health and overall whole body health. I appreciate it when my patients do their research and ask questions about the care they receive. When I address patients’ questions, it helps us to get on the same page about their

How Much Does a Filling Cost Without Insurance?

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Tooth pain? Sensitivity to hot, cold, or sweet foods? Those are all warning signs that you might have a cavity — a.k.a. tooth decay. There’s just one challenge: you don’t have dental insurance. Don’t worry! You're not alone! About 34% of Americans don’t either. So how much will you have to pay? And what can you do to make

What You Need to Know About Dental Care & Diabetes

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Did you know that as many as 30 million people in the United States may have diabetes? It’s a serious health epidemic and unfortunately, one where the traditional medical establishment is lagging behind. Today we’ll talk a bit about the causes of diabetes, how it can impact dental health (and vice versa) and why at

Is An OTC Night Guard the Best Way to Treat Bruxism?

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Do you often wake up in the morning with a sore jaw or a headache? Do you notice your teeth having “sharp” edges, chips, or even small cracks? If so, you might be one of about 30 million people in the United States who grind their teeth while they sleep! Teeth grinding, a condition medically known

Are Your Mercury Fillings Causing Antibiotic Resistance?

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Studies have shown that the mercury in amalgam fillings can increase the body’s resistance to antibiotics. Antibiotic resistance puts you at a higher risk for infections, which can lead to many other serious and long-term health conditions. If you have metal fillings, you may be wondering: What are the true risks of having mercury in

What Does Snoring Have to Do with Dental Health?

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Did you know nearly 60% of people say their partner snores? We all know that snoring can be annoying and can even prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep. Lack of sleep alone is a serious health concern you shouldn’t ignore, but it’s more than that -- if you’re snoring, you’re not breathing properly