Toxic Tuesday – The Effect of Doctors Who Don’t Listen

why doctors don't listen

Every week I hear from people around the world regarding their struggles with oral health issues.  They are told that they are crazy or what they’re experiencing is “all in their head”, metaphorically speaking.  Literally, of course, the problem often is in their head!  I was contacted by a woman in Canada a few weeks ago and her story and photos were so powerful that I thought I would share them in today’s and tomorrow’s posts.  Here is her story:

“I would say 12 plus years ago I started getting what I called “neck headaches” which would creep to the back of my skull.  It was often debilitating.  I was prescribed Nortriptyline, which I took for about 3 weeks and had numbing shots to help relax that area.  This didn’t help.  I did Botox, massage therapy, acupuncture and chiro for about 3 years.  Oh, the money I spent!  I had 3 root canals (upper left side 2 molars and 1 premolar) chasing symptoms.

 After my 3rd root canal, I  felt something was wrong.. just a feeling… it bothered me and I felt great anxiety.  I did some research and was shocked to discover the truth about root canals!  I had it re-done, because that is what I was told to do.  After it was re-treated I still was having issues.  I let it go for over 4 years because my dentist told me nothing was wrong.  I began thinking it’s all in my head and I was making it up.  I questioned my own ‘gut instincts’.   I felt frustrated and unheard.  I went back to my dentist 5 times in those years and FINALLY he agreed to remove it……..”  (Read the conclusion of this story here).

In my opinion, it should not take 10 years to validate a person’s symptoms!  It goes against all codes of medical ethics and the Hippocratic Oath.  Yet for most people, it is their experience.  Humanity deserves better!  For oral health care where your feelings are validated, contact us at and visit our website to learn about BDC Dental Tourism solutions.

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