Wellness Wednesday – Misinformed Consent

trust your gut, go see a holistic dentist today

The conclusion of yesterday’s post:

“Unfortunately, we do not have a holistic dentist in my area, and although we do have them in Canada, I couldn’t drive the 4 hours to get what I needed done.  I was told about an oral surgeon who comes to our town about 5 times a year to perform dental surgeries.  In my case, with all this dental trauma, I really wanted to be sedated, so I booked an appointment with them to have my 3 root-canaled teeth extracted and then we could look at implants.

 I finally saw him last week and had all 3 extracted and this is what came out (see photos).  I requested to keep my teeth.  I wish I could have sent them off to test for bacteria!

 His bedside manner was horrible.  I never even saw him after I woke up.  I paid a big fee to have this done and not a post-op discussion at all.  Even a week later, I still haven’t heard from that office.  Fortunately, I did not take antibiotics and I am healing really well.  He looked at me like I was from another world when I suggested he look into treating patients with ozone and perhaps doing zirconia implants.  I feel such a relief to have my dead teeth out and now looking at getting a few crowns replaced and have the fillings (amalgam) removed and replaced.  I know I did the right thing and should have done this years ago.  Thank you for your page!  You have given me the courage and the knowledge to do what should have been done years ago!”

God’s mission for my life has led me to share the truth about dental care which is frequently being hidden from the general public.  Examples are the toxicity of mercury amalgam fillings, fluoride exposure, toxic root canals, and others.  Please help me make the Holistic and Biological approach to dentistry the norm worldwide!  Share my page with every person you know and love!  To become a patient contact us at info@bdcpdx.com and visit our website to learn about BDC Dental Tourism solutions.


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