Recently, Dr. Blodgett was a guest on Portland’s KGW news to talk about the importance of oral health and how it affects our whole body health. It’s an important topic and one Dr. Blodgett has blogged about in the past.

Are you saying your dental health can affect your whole body health?

Absolutely. It’s amazing. Our teeth are connected to the same nerve, lymph, and blood system as the rest of our body. But the way our health care system works, we have health insurance for our whole bodies and then separate dental insurance for our teeth.

If we have infections in our gums or a root canaled tooth, this can become a major health concern. That’s something we’re trying to educate patients about.

It sounds like you take a more holistic approach. What services do you offer?

We’re really into health promotion. Instead of the traditional approach– looking for cavities to fill– we look at the bacterial DNA under your gums that might be causing decay. We’re also big into biofilm science, studying the bacteria living on your tooth surfaces and how they might be contributing to health problems. We want to understand what’s causing problems not just fix the symptoms.

Do you do periodontal work and cosmetic dentistry, too?

That’s something unique about practice. We do regenerative work with high-tech lasers to restore gum, tooth, and bone health. Without stitches or painful surgery, we can protect teeth from gum recession.

It sounds like you’re changing the stereotype of dentistry?

Yes, that’s always been my vision. I want dentistry to be seen as a positive experience.

Did you see Dr. Blodgett on KGW?

If you’re interested in learning more about his whole body approach to dentistry, schedule your first appointment today.

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