“News flash! All root canal-treated teeth are infected!”

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Dr. Kelly Blodgett was recently featured as an author on OralDNA® Labs hosted blog, 'Trends in Salivary Testing.' For almost a decade, OralDNA® has partnered with well-respected figures in the community to share the latest medical advances. Read below for Kelly's featured post, discussing root canal infections and root canal therapy! You can find the

Reopening Clinics for Non-Emergency Care: Dr. Blodgett on KATU News

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Dr. Kelly Blodgett met yesterday with Joe English and KATU News to discuss the reopening of dental clinics for elective and non-emergency appointments starting May 1. Read about the numerous precautions and safety measures that the Blodgett Dental Care office is taking - including safeguards that BDC has already had in place for years. Find

Toxic Tuesday: “I have a GUT FEELING that something is wrong with my root canals!”

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The patient story I am sharing today may be a real eye-opener for some people, particularly dentists and endodontists.  This gentleman saw me a little over 2 years ago.  We had recommended that his mercury fillings be replaced using the “SMART” protocol and restored with minimally-invasive dental ceramics and composite restorations.  Because we were not